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Variety Description Hot / Sweet Days to Maturity Heirloom / Hybrid
Aconcagua Sweet 12" long heirloom from Argentina named after the mountains there. Ripens from green to orange to red when fully ripe. Very popular grilled when fully ripe. Sweet 70-80 Heirloom
Aji Amarillo Peruvian heirloom produces high yields of very hot 4" long by 1" wide hot peppers. Peppers turn from greenish yellow, to yellow, to orange, to red when mature Medium-hot 80-90 Heirloom
Aji Crystal Chilean origin'3.5" long waxy,light green fruit turns to yellow to scarlet,hot spicy flavor Medium-hot 90 days Hybrid
Alma Paprika One of the best paprika for drying,grinding,or picked straight from the plant & eaten fresh.Thick walled fruit starts out creamy-white,then matures to orange, and finally red. Sweet 70 - 80 days Hybrid
Anaheim One of the most popluar chili peppers,medium hot fruits with medium thick dark green flesh. Medium-hot 75 days Heirloom
Anaheim College 64 An improved strain of the popular green chili pepper bearing larger fruit. medium hot 75 days Heirloom
Ancho Red 1.5x3.5",  1,000-2,500 scovilles, matures red, Poblano Ancho type Mildly Hot 88 days  
Aruba A Cubanelle type pepper,elongated 3-4 lobed fruits up to 10" long with a distinct flavor that is mildly sweet and fruity with a hint of heat.  Perfect for salads & stir-frys. Peppers mature from lime green to orange to red to chocolate. Sweet / hint of heat 65 days Hybrid
Baron Formerly known as Red Beauty, 4 lobed fruits ar packed with heavy,sweet flesh,and set early Sweet 68 days Hybrid
Beaver Dam Good producer of 4" long by 2" wide hot peppers. Fruit turns from lime-green to red when mature. This pepper was brought to Beaver Dam, WI around 1929 from Hungary. Mildly Hot 85 days Heirloom
Bell Boy Dark green fruits, thick walled, mostly 4 lobed & blocky, Turns red at maturity Sweet 70 days Hybrid
Bell Orange Your basic fresh market bell pepper that ripens orange just like the ones you’d get at the market. Sweet 80 days Hybrid
Bell Yellow Your basic fresh market bell pepper that ripens orange just like the ones you’d get at the market. Sweet 80 days Hybrid
Bhut Jolokia Ghost Chile.  Over 1 million units on the Scoville scale.  Orange-red peppers up to 2.5-3.5" long.  Can be used to spice up cuisine, but should be eaten with extreme caution and kept away from eyes. Dangerously hot 80 - 85 days  
Big Bertha Extra large,mostly 4 lobed,superior fruits mature up to a full 7" long by 3.5" across, turning deep green to red,Resists Tobacco Mosaic. Sweet 70 days Hybrid
Big Jim Released by New Mexico State University,The largest of the chili peppers with medium hot fruits 10-12" long & weighing up to 4oz. Excellent for Chiles Rellenos. Medium-hot 75 - 80 days Hybrid
Big Red Aptly named - a big red pepper, sweet, thick wall, 4 x 6 Sweet 75 days Hybrid
Biggie Chili Early maturity,huge yields, impressiv,thick walled fruits up to 9" long, with a mild rating of 500 scoville on average. Matures to red. Great for roasting or slicing to add the perfct zest to pizzas or salads Mild 68 days Hybrid
Bishop Crown This chili can be very spicy, with a fruity flavor. It is red when mature, and measures about 1 inch long and 2-3 inches wide and resmbles a bishop's crown hence the name. Hot 90-100 days Heirloom
Blue Jay Called "blue" this beautiful bell is actually more of a purple lilac color and a good choice for color in a blocky sweet bell pepper. Sweet 75 days Hybrid
Blushing Beauty Fruits start out ivory white then brighten to a soft gold,blushing to a bright gold with a red dusting,deepening to a glossy orange red,finally darkening to abright red, 4"X4" Sweet 72 days Hybrid
Bounty Yellow to red 2 lobed fruits, 7.5" lon by 2" wide tapered. Sweet 82 - 85 days Hybrid
Bulgarian Carrot Heirloom pepper whose seed was supposedly smuggled out through the Iron Curtain over 25 yrs ago. Fluorescent orange. Intense fruity & pungent at the same time.Adds a colorful tint to glazes,marinades & salsas. Medium to very hot 75 days Heirloom
Bull Nose Crisp flavor, small bell, green to orange to red, old heirloom grown by Jefferson Sweet 75 days Heirloom
Cajun Belle Incredible sweet flavor that finishes with a mild heat! Prolific plant produces 3-in. long peppers go from green to scarlet to deep red. Mild sweet 60 Hybrid
California Wonder Deep green to red,thick walled.Fruits are medium sized 4"X4",3 to 4 lobed,smooth & blocky Sweet 75 days Hybrid
Caribbean Blend WARNING.This mix is blistering heat.A blend of Caribbean varieties,including Habanero,Caribbean Red,Orange Scotch Bonnet,Chiltepin & several others,all super hot. 450,000 scovilles Extremely Hot 90 - 120 days Hybrid
Caribean Red Hot Blunt,tapered, 1.5" fruits rate twice as hot as a typical Habanero and be used green, although they will be a little less hot and firm. 450,000 scovilles Extremely Hot 110 days Hybrid
Carolina Reaper Worlds hottest pepper. 1,569,000 scovilles, The fruity & sweet/hot aroma hits you upon cutting,  dry or freze Dangerously hot 70-90 days Hybrid
Cayenne Long Red Thin Long,slender,slightly wrinkled, very hot peppers are especially good for pickles,canning & drying.  Excellent for chili & homemade salsa.  2 celled fruits start out green, mature to a brilliant,fiery red and are no thicker than a pencil. 5,000 scovilles Very Hot 72 days Hybrid
Chablis Blocky 4" x 3" fruits,Great for fresh salsas,salads,frying,stuffing,roasting and pickling, Supersweet with thick walls.  Ripen from white to orange to brilliant red.  Especially resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Bacterial Leaf Spot Very Sweet 60 days Hybrid
Cherry Bomb 1st hybrid hot cherry,with 30-50% greater yield than other cherry varieties.Medium-hot fruits with thick walls,Resists Tobacco Mosaic Virus Medium-hot 65 days Hybrid
Chiltepin Ranked one of the top 3 hottest peppers on the market.Extremely hot fruits. Hot 90 days Heirloom
Chinese Giant A mild,midseason type perfect for home gardens.Large & blocky bell shaped with thick walls.6" across & 4 to 5" deep Sweet 90 days Hybrid
Chipolte thick walled, medium hot(6,000 scovilles) smoke this pepper to get spicy wood taste, 1x2.5" Mild 66 days Hybrid
Chocolate Beauty High quality,flavorful mediu,-large,very smooth 3 & 4 lobed fruits mature from green to a very attractive chocolate color. Resists Tobacco Masaic Virus. Sweet 85 days Hybrid
Colossal Huge fruit, grren to red, thick wall, 5 x 8" Sweet 65 days Hybrid
Corno di Toro Red Heirloom "Horn of the Bull" pepper imported from Italy.Fruits are 8-10" long,curved much like its namesake.Ripens to a red cone at maturity with superb taste & size. Sweet 72 days Heirloom
Cubanelle Sweet Italian frying type with delicious taste.Long,green,thick shinned fruits turn yellow then bright red at maturity,5.5" long by 2.5" & are tasty when fried in olive oil Sweet 65 days Hybrid
Datil Hot Blazing hot(100,000-250,000)scovilles, Mature peppers are 3.5" long & yellow-orange in color Very Hot 100 days Heirloom
Datil Sweet From St. Augustine,FL. Bright glossy red when ripe.  2" x 1". Consideerable fruit overtones, no heat Sweet 80-100 days Heirloom
De Arbol Chile 3 x 3/8" Anaheim type, green thin walled, dries red, spicy flavor for sauces/soups.  20,000 scovilles medium hot 90 days Heirloom
Diamond White White flesh & skin, bell type pepper, 4 x 4" Sweet 85 days Hybrid
Douglah Origins in the Caribbean region, 1 million scovilles, chocolate brown & heavily wrinkled, flavor is intensely hot Dangerously hot 90-100 days Hybrid
Early Jalepeno Very hot ideal for Mexican dishes. Deep green fruits mature to red.Sausage shaped fruits. Very Hot 60 - 65 days Hybrid
Fatali A five alarm habanero type.3" long,tapered fruit,Pungent,citrusy and very,very hot.Perfect for salsas & sauteing. Very,Very Hot 90 days Hybrid
Fish Use when cooking fish & shellfish.  18-24" height. Decorative green and purple foliage splashed with white. Yields of very hot,pointed fruits, about 1-1.5" long, range from white with green stripes, to orange with brown stripes to a brillinat red-some deep purple,too. 5 alarm 90 days Heirloom
Fooled You Jalepeno Perfect for mild sauces,salsa & stir frys not pungent or hot but still enormously flavorful. Thick walled fruits about 1.75" maturing from green to red Sweet 65 days Hybrid
Fresno Chile Similar to Jalapeno but thinner walled and hotter when fully mature. Matures from green to red. Pods are about 2" long and 1" in diameter Hot 70-80 days Hybrid
Giant Marconi Not technically a Marconi Pepper,but displays so many similar traits it has earned the name. Large tapered, fruits grow to 8" by 3" with a sweet, smokey flavor that's equally detectable green or red,fresh or grilled. Sweet,smokey 60 days Hybrid
Golden California Wonder Smooth,glossy fruits ripen to a golden-yellow fruit.Adds rich color to salads & dishes. Sweet 72 days Hybrid
Golden Treasure Italian Heirloom. Sweet medium-thick flesh and tender skin, the long tapered fruits are 8-9" x 2" at the shoulder. Ripens from green to shiny yellow. Sweet 80 days Heirloom
Gypsy Extremely early & heavy producer of wedge shaped,tasty with sturdy walls & crunchy,firm,sweet,flesh.Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistant Sweet 60 days Hybrid
Habanero The original strain. Reportedly 1,000 times hotter than Jalapeno. Lantern shaped,1" by 1.5" pods with thin,wrinkled,light green flesh. Hot times 4 95 days Hybrid
Habanero Blend High yields of crunchy, 1.5" to 2.5" fruits and packing some serious heat. Extra versatile in the kitchen, adding just the right kick to stir-frys, salsa & sauces. Very very hot 85 - 100 days Hybrid
Habanero Chocolate An outstanding hot chili pepper. Crunchy 2.5" fruits,velvety brown inside & out, and packing some serious heat. Great for stir-fries,salsas & sauces. Very Hot 85 days Hybrid
Habanero Mustard A unique hot pepper.Strongly wideged color washed fruits that are fun to grow & display. Hot 95 - 100 days Hybrid
Habanero White Plant produces good high of small white wrinkled hot peppers. Peppers are very hot and turn from green to white when mature. Originated on the Yuctan Peninsula of Mexico. Very Hot 110 days Heirloom
Healthy Russian variety of sweet,wedge shaped fruits that maturefrom yellow to orange to red.Do best when staked.Resists disease and rot Sweet 70 days Hybrid
Holy Mole' Bright green at early maturity,then darken to warm brown.Not overly spicy pepper used as a staple in Mexico's famous Mole' sauce.Crunchy fruits can reach 7-9" in length.Used for toppings and baking,while the brown fully mature fruits can be dried & groung. 700 - 1,500 scovilles Not overly spicy 85 days Hybrid
Hot Banana Banana shape, yellow turning red, 2 x 6" tapered, spicy, varying heat, for the bold and adventurous medium hot 64 days Hybrid
Hot Lemon Wrinkled, 3-4" long,very hot fruits are best used fresh in sauces or for drying. Very Hot 70 days Heirloom
Hot Portugal Very hot,thin,red & glossy,Elongated curved fruits to 7"or more in length.Harvest & use at the green or red stage. 5,000 scovilles Very Hot 65 days Hybrid
Hungarian Black Pointed black peppers on upright plants with purple foliage and violet flowers.  Spicy, hot flavor tingles the taste buds while its colorful display of foliage makes this an excellent variety for borders when seeking an accent color to brighten your floral display. 1,200 scovilles Spicy, Hot 82 days Hybrid
Hungarian Yellow Wax Spicy,fairly hot,banana shaped fruits,6" long and 1.5" across,perfect for pickling.Matures from light yellow to bright red. 4,000 scovilles Fairly Hot 67 days Hybrid
Inferno Early,high yielder produces big 8" by 1.5" fruits that are ultr-smooth,with outstanding flavor,just hot enough to taste good with everything.Matures from yellow to red. 12,000 scovilles Hot 60 days Hybrid
Italian Green Frying Flat 6" long sweet Italian peppers.Fruit turns from dark green to a very dark red when mature.Excellent in salds,fried, or pickled. Sweet 80 days Hybrid
Italico(Spanish Spice) Formerly known as Spanish Spice.Flavorful & aromatic when grille or fried.Pleasing spicy taste,rather than heat. 7" in length. Spicy 63 - 68 days Hybrid
Jalapeno Fruit is 3" X 1.5" green to red. Good for picking or fresh market. 3,000 scovilles Hot 75 days Hybrid
Japones Heirloom variety orginating in China. Japones is the principal pepper used in Szechwan dishes. Hot 80 days Heirloom
Jimmy Nardello An almost uncanny sweet, fruity flavor makes these peppers tempting and delightful eaten straight off the plant, but traditional Italian cuisine typically uses them for frying. Sweet 75 days Heirloom
Jingle Bell High yield, 1.5 x 1.5" small bells, green to red, use in salads, stir fry or stuffed Sweet 60 days Hybrid
Jwala a.k.a. Finger hot this is a 4" long thin hot pepper used heavily in India for spicy cuisine Hot 80 days Heirloom
King Arthur Sweet, crunchy, 4-lobed fruits truly live up to their name - about 4-1/2" by 4-1/2", thick-walled and blocky. Upright plants reach about 22" in height, and perform well under a variety of conditions. Tolerant to most diseases. Sweet 61 days Hybrid
King of the North Excellent in short season gardens of the Northern climates,due to early bearing and the huge,blocky shape of it's thick walled, bright red, 6" by 4" fruits. Great for stuffing, Mild taste becomes even more mellow as the fruits mature. Mild taste 68 - 70 days Hybrid
Kung Pao Perfect for Oriental cusines.Longer and far skinnier than North American varieties with thin walls that dry quickly to seal in flavor & heat. About 10,000 Scovilles. Hot 85 days Hybrid
Lady Bell Heavy crop even in north/short season, green to red, sweet, 3-4 lobe, great for stuffing or freezing, resists TMV Sweet 71 days Hybrid
LaRouge Royale Very tall 46" plants produce huge yieldls of extra large,crisp,sweet fruits that average a full 8" in length.Fruits mature from green to a brilliant pleasing red. Sweet 75 - 80 days Hybrid
Lemon Chile Peruvian seasoning pepper, 2 x 3/4" bright yellow lemon flavor with zest, great dried Hot 100 days Hybrid
Lemon Drop Terrifically hot,citrus flavored heirloom popular as a seasong in Peru. Bright yellow,crinkled,cone shaped fruits are about 2.5" long by .5" wide.Makes an excellent choice for container gardening. Hot 100 days Heirloom
Lilac Rich lilac-lavender shade that transformswhile ripening.Medium sized fruits,3 to 4 lobed,mature from ivory to lavender to red.Plants are Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistant Sweet 70 days Hybrid
Lipstick Plant produces heavy yields of 4" long by 2" wide sweet peppers. Peppers turn from green to red when mature. Sweet 75 days Hybrid
Lunchbox Mix A mix or red, orange, & yellow mini sized sweet and flavorful 2.5" x 1.5", use in salads, and as a snack Sweet 75-83 days Hybrid
Mama Mia Giallo AAS winner, 6" tapered yellow, super high yield, very sweet, compact plant ideal for containers, resists TMV Sweet 85 days Hybrid
Mama Mia Rosso AAS winner, 6" tapered red, super high yield, very sweet, compact plant ideal for containers, resists TMV Sweet 85 days Hybrid
Marconi (Italian) Traditional long green sweet pepper. 3 lobed fruits up to 12" long & 3" across at the shoulders.  Good green of mature for salds & frying. Sweet 70 - 72 days Hybrid
Mariachi 2006 AAS winner produces heavy yields of tapered fruits 2" in diameter by 4" long that mature from green to yellow to red. Heat is very mild. Mild 66 days Hybrid
Maules Red Even northern areas can harvest loads of 10" cayenne type peppers. Fruits mature from green to red with a flavor that is excellent for hot sauce or dried pepper flakes(15,000-30,000) scovilles Very Hot 80 days Hybrid
Mavras First glossy black sweet bell pepper.Blocky fruits are thick walled.Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Sweet 75 days Hybrid
Merlot Rich jewel-toned, 5" x 4" blocky fruits with crisp thick walls and a very sweet flavor.  Almost black in color.  Especially resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Viru and Bacterial Leaf Spot Sweet 68 days Hybrid
Mexibel Sweet bell pepper with a mild chili flavor. 26-inch plants bear firm-fleshed, 3- or 4-lobed fruit that ripen from green to chocolate to red. Tolerant to tobacco mosaic virus. All America Selection. Sweet 70 days Hybrid
Mini Bell Chocolate Gourmet miniatures with all the flavor of full sized quality bells. These 2" bite sized treats can be stuffed,pickled,canned or eaten fresh.  Adds a classy and delicious accent to hours d'oeuvre platters and special salds. High yielding. Sweet 90 days Hybrid
Mini Bell Mix A festive,mix of tiny bell peppers,just 1 1/4" fruits.Mature to a range of yellows & reds. Resistant Tobacco Mosaic Virus Sweet 60 days Hybrid
Monster Jalapeno A large Jalapeno,(2,500-8,000) scovilles, great for stuffing.  4.25" x 1.75" green Mild 74 days Hybrid
Mucho Nacho Shaped like a Jalepeno but 4" long. All the flavor in a larger package with somewhat less heat. A perfect pepper for muchos nachos. :) Hot 68 days Hybrid
Napolean Sweet Heirloom variety dating back to the 1920's.8" long,thick fleshed fruits consistently up untils frost. Flavor is mild & sweet,excellent for fresh use,frying or drying Sweet 70 - 90 days Heirloom
North Star Extremely early,ideal for short season ares. Deep green fruits become bright red at maturity.Tobacco Mosaic Virus resistant. Sweet 60 days Hybrid
Nubian Ideal for conatiner gardening ornamental plants with purple foliage produces masses of little hot purple peppers! EXTREMELY RARE VARIETY Hot 75-90 days Heirloom
Numex Sunrise Developed by a professor at the University of New Mexico.Meium hot 4-6" long by 1.5" wide. Medium green, thick walled fruits turn bright yellow at maturity Medium-hot 75 - 80 days Hybrid
Orange Scotch Bonnet  The bonnet shaped fruits are bright orange when ripe. Flavor is smoky and fiery hot.  30" height, excellent in containers.100,000-350,000 Scoville units. Very Hot 120 days Hybrid
Paprika Tasty A very good flavored paprika pepper, thick walled, 1.5" x 1.5" cherry type.  Matures red/orange Sweet 72 days Hybrid
Pasilla Bajio The poplular "chili negro" pepper.While classified a a hot pepper,Pasilla(little raisin) has almost no heat.Fruits have a berry,almost herbal flavor.thin walled,slender,very darkish-green maturing to a dark brown.resistnace to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Mild 78 days Hybrid
Pepperoncino You have seen these peppers pickled in gourmet shops. Thin,yellowish-green fruits 2-4" long,Harvest when fruits are at the green stage. Sweet 72 days Hybrid
Pequin Numerous pendant fruits,very hot,Plants can be kept indoors during the winter Very Hot 105 days Hybrid
Peter Red The original strain from the Alfreys. Pods are 4-6" long,blunt ended & mature to a deep red. Excellent for chili powder. Mild 90 days Heirloom
Pimento Perfection Heart shaped smooth, heavy walled fruit 3.5" by 2.5". Fruit starts out green matures to red. A mild, sweet pepper ideal for salds,garnished & canning. Mildly Hot 73 days Heirloom
Poblano Slightly hot with a sweet flavor. Dark green 6" X 3" fruits mature to a chocolate-green color. Thick walled fruits are ideal for fresh use,stuffing,roasted and used in rellenos or dried as an "ancho" Slightly Hot 75 days Hybrid
Portugal Fire Tall plants loaded with 7 inch, shiny dark green fruits that mature to a deep red color. 50,000-70,000 scoville Hot 65 days Hybrid
Purple Beauty Special purple color for gourmet chefs.Fruits are thick walled & dark purple. Sweet 70 days Hybrid
Quadrato Giallo D'Asti Very Large, 5" x 4"  blocky bell pepper from Italy. Green peppers ripen very slowly to golden-yellow. Thick crisp flesh with delicious sweet spicy flavor when either green or yellow. Heavy producer! Sweet 70-80 days Heirloom
Quadrato Rosso D'Asti Like it's yellow cousin this italian heirloom bell pepper is a heavy producer of blocky 5" x 4" bells ripening slowly from green to red with thick flesh and sweet peppery flavor. Sweet 70-80 days Heirloom
Relleno Long 12" x 2" diameter peppers that mature from green to red make this a perfect variety for use in chiles rellenos. It's also excellent fried saute'd or stuffed. Mildly Hot 70 days Hybrid
Ring of Fire Extra early cayenne type, dark green to red, medium walled, 1.5" x 4".(6,000) scovilles Mildly Hot 60 days Hybrid
Ristra Cayenne Lime green to red, very thin walled, great for stringing into long ristras for drying(40,000) scoville Hot 65 days Hybrid
Sante Fe Grande A medium sized, conical shaped pepper ripening to red. Immature fruits ripen from yellow to orange, then finally red. The fruits can grow as long as 3 1/2", by about 1 1/2" wide. The up to 24" plants are known to be heavy bearers and the fruits are popular for use in salsas, as well as for pickling and canning. Mildly hot 75 days Hybrid
Scorpian Butch T Strain 1,463,700 scoville units, named after Butch Yaylor.  Fruity and citrus flavor Dangerously hot 86 days Hybrid
Scorpian (Trinidad Maruga) This is the pepper that has ticked in at a massive 2 million scoville. Reccommended only for the experienced fire eater as it could seriously hurt the uninitiated! Limited supply for 2013 Dangerously hot 100-120 days Hybrid
Serrano Green or red,this is one very hot peppere.Perfect for chili sauces,salsa,hot pepper vinegar & pickles.2" thin walled fruits. 30,000 scovilles Very Hot 85 days Hybrid
Serrano Tampiqueno Attractive fruits are club shaped, smooth, about 1.5" with medium thick flesh. Peppers change from green to bright red & are very hot at both stages. Excellent for drying,pickling,salsa,sauces,stews and more. Very Hot 85 days Hybrid
Sheepnose Pimento A tried & true Heirloom.Pimento shaped 3by4" fruits are sweet & meaty making them ideal for canning,freezing and eating fresh. Sweet 80 days Heirloom
Shishito A wrinkled sweet pepper usually used when green. The Shishito is very popular in Japan and grow to 3-4". While they are sweet peppers they have a slight hot edge, making them stand out from completely mild bell peppers. Sweet/mild 70 days Heirloom
Super Chile AAS winner, elongated tapered, 1/2" x 2.5", hot flesh, thin wall, comact plant great for container gardening, (40,000) scoville medium hot 75 days Hybrid
Super Heavyweight Jumbo bell, weighing up to 9 oz. Thick walled & blocky, Ripens from green to gold.Low in calories & high in Vitamin C,perfect for stuffing or eating fresh Sweet 77 days Hybrid
Sweet Banana Excellent fresh or cooked.Thick walled fruits with sweet,mild,waxy flesh with pendant fruits that start out a pale green,ripening to yellow, then red Sweet 66 days Hybrid
Sweet Cayenne Sweet & cayenne.Unique cayenne shaped sweet peppers grow to 12" long.Crunchy,thin walled fruits excellent in stir frys. Mature green to red Sweet 75 days Hybrid
Sweet Cherry Smooth skin and thick meated. Sweet flesh, shaped like cherries but of good size. Nice for salds,canning or pickling. Can be used in the green stage or in the ripe stage which is red. Sweet 75 days Hybrid
Sweet Spot Tremendously prolific, super sweet hybird. Tapered 2 lobed fruits start out greenish-yellow,maturing to yellow than to red, when they are their sweetest. 8" long by 2" wide at the shoulders, with thick walls and sturdy structure. Sweet 75 days Hybrid
Tabasco One of the hottest peppers ever developed.Bred for the famous extra-hot Tobasco sauce.Fruits ripen from yellow-green to red. 50,000 scovilles Extra hot 80 days Hybrid
Tennessee Cheese Originally from Spain. Fruits are perfect for stuffing.Round,apple or tomato shaped with a flattened base and a thick skin. Use it fresh like a bel,pickled,canned or dried for paprika. Sweet 82 days Heirloom
Tepin(Birdseye) Teeny tiny little peppers borne en masse on perennial plants that can be kept for years if brought indoors over winter. Very hot. Native to southern North America and south America where it grows wild. A.k.a. Chiltepin Very Hot 90 days Heirloom
Tequila A true purple sweet bell,3 to 4 lobed fruits. Resists Tobacco Mosaic Virus Sweet 75 days Hybrid
Thai Hot Ornamental as well as edible, if you can stand the heat. 2-3" fruits that start out a deep green then mature to bright red.Fleshy pods are particularly good in Oriental dishes & chili. 35,000 scovilles Very Hot 40 days Hybrid
Tobago Seasoning Discovered in 1999 in a market on the Island of Tobago where it is used extensively to season local cuisine.Flavor is distinctive and moderately hot. Maturing to tropical shades of magenta,bright red & orange. Moderatly hot 85 days Hybrid
Tollie's Sweet An heirloom,Italian type sweet pepper,Sweet red fruits used for fresh eating,canning & making sauces.4-5" tapered fruits. Sweet 75 - 85 days Heirloom
Viper Naga Viper is a three way cross from Gerald Fowler of England who crossed Bhut Jolokia with Naga Morich and Trinidad scorpian. Information indicates that this hybrid is still somewhat unstable in appearance but relaible in scoville at about 1.3 million. Another one for the serious fire eater that is best avoided by the uninitiated! Limited supply for 2013 Dangerously hot 100-120 days Hybrid
Whopper Brilliant red, tasty blocky thick walled, 4" x 4", 4 lobed. Resists TMV Sweet 74 days Hybrid
Willie's Pepper Tree 3" cayenne peppr, great for making pepper powder, pepper flakes, thin skin Hot 80 days Hybrid
Yellow Mushroom Squash-like fruits mature from green to an attractive yellow. Excellent for pickled in combination with the red version, and mixed with purple bell peppers.The fruits are plenty hot,so taste with caution. Can also be dried & used as seasoning. Hot 85 days Hybrid
Yolo Wonder Plant produces good yields of 1 ˝" long by 1" wide sweet peppers. Peppers turn from green to red when mature. Sweet 85 days Hybrid
Zavory Zavory is the first ever habanero with a mild heat registering only 100 Scoville units! Fruits ripen from green to red. Mild 90 days Hybrid