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Variety Description Determinate / Indeterminate Size of Fruit Days to Maturity Disease Resistant Heirloom / Hybrid
Abe Lincoln Dark red fruits,sweet,solid and meaty.  Fruits are smoot,free from cracks and seams. Ideal for ketchup, juice or slicing. Indeterminate 10 oz 87 days VFNASt Hybrid
Amber Colored Russian heirloom tomato. 2" amber colored globe very sweet with just enough acid to enhance the taste. semi-determinate 2" 70 days   Heirloom
Amish Gold Oblong shaped golden color with sharpley pointed end. A rare tomato variety.Flavor of Sungold and the meatiness of Amish Paste. Indeterminate 1 1/2-2" 75 days   Hybrid
Amish Large Yellow 4" big yellow-orange tomato with apricot colored flesh,unique sweet flavor Indeterminate 4" 78 days   Heirloom
Amish Paste  Deep Red, best for sauces and canning Indeterminate 8 oz 74 days   Heirloom
Angora Super Sweet "AKA Velvet Red".  1" red super sweet cherry tomato that have a slight silvery fuzz on the tomato and the leaves of the plant. Indeterminate 1" 73 days   Heirloom
Arkansas Traveler Fruits are rough, medium sized, excellent, creamy, mild flavor Indeterminate 6 oz 90 days   Heirloom
Aussie Large 1-2 lb. Red frutied heirloom from Australia with good disease resistance and consistant relaible yields. Great true tomato flavor. Indeterminate 1-2 lb. 85 days yes Heirloom
Azoychka From Russia, An old beefsteak-type, weighing about 10 oz.  Deep yellow fruits.  The flavor is unusual and best described as citrusy. Indeterminate 3" / 8 oz 85 days   Heirloom
Banana Legs Bright yellow,pointed,banan shaped fruits,Good for slicing into salads Determinate 4" long by 1.5" 75 days   Heirloom
Beam's Yellow Pear Huge,bushy plants yieling very large quantities of bright yellow pear shaped fruits. Indeterminate 1 oz, 1.5" 71 days   Open Pollinated
Beaver Lodge Slicer From the Beaver lodge research center in Alberta Canada. Short bushy plants produce plenty of 2" round red smooth skinned tasty tomtoes. Great for containers and patio pots Determinate 2" round 55 days   Open Pollinated
Beefmaster Beefsteak type, solid meaty bright red tomatoes weigh up to 2 lbs. Good tolerance to cracking and splitting Indeterminate up to 2lb 80 days   Hybrid
Beefsteak Large,flattened,solid meaty,juicy,red fruits are slightly ribbed,sub acid flavor Indeterminate up to 2lb 80 days   Hybrid
Believe it or Not Old time favorite heirloom with prolific yeilds of 1-2 lb. Smooth shouldered red tomatoes and good flavor Indeterminate 1-2 lb. 90 days   Heirloom
Better Boy Hybrid Plump juicy,yet firm,red fruits Indeterminate 1+ lb 75 days Yes(VFNASt) Hybrid
Better Bush Produces big 4" fruits that are mouthwatering, sweet and meaty with the real tomato taste Determinate 4" 68 days VFN Hybrid
Big Boy Crack-free,bright red,firm,meaty fruit Indeterminate 1+ lb 78 days   Hybrid
Big Daddy 15 oz, vigorous plants produce enormous crops of large, firm, deep red fruits Indeterminate 15 oz 78 days   Hybrid
Big Mama An enormous paste tomato. Meaty,solid fruits with unusually high sugar levels. Indeterminate 8-10 oz. 80 days   Hybrid
Big Yellow Regular leaf plant yields large flattened yello-orange fruit, with excellent flavor.  Some fruit is slightly green shouldered. Indeterminate 8-10 oz 80 days   Hybrid
Black Cherry Round,rich flavor,tall vigorous plants Indeterminate cherry 65 days   Hybrid
Black Ethiopian Regular leaf tomato that yield copious amounts of re-mahgany-bronze, 5oz, plum shaped fruit.  Rich,fruity,tangy taste. Indeterminate 5 oz 81 days   Heirloom
Black from Tula Dark greenish-black shoulders on dark brownish-red fruits,chocolate brown flesh with fgreen gel. Indeterminate 3 - 5" 80-85 days   Heirloom
Black Krim Dark deep red(almost black)with heavy green shoulders Indeterminate 8 - 12 oz 69 days   Heirloom
Black Pear Russian heirloom, potato leaf, 6-8 oz dark mahogany-brown fruits with green shoulders Indeterminate 6-8 oz 75 days   Heirloom
Black Pineapple Multicolored 20 oz fruits, full tomato taste, tye-dyed interior, great slicer Indeterminate 20 oz 85 days   Open Polinated
Black Sea Man Russian heirloom,beefsteak type,brown-black skins & pink shoulders,slightly plum shaped Determinate 4 - 8 oz 75 days   Heirloom
Blue Ridge Mountain Tall potato leaved vines produce 1lb., 4" pink beefsteak tomatoes with good old fashioned delicious tomto flavor Indeterminate 1 lb. 80 days   Heirloom
Box Car Willie Smooth,reddish-orange fruits,Crack free,ideal for canning,freezing Indeterminate 10 - 16 oz 80 days disease resistant Heirloom
Brandy Boy One of the best slicers. Improved flavor over Brandywine. 14 oz Indeterminate 14 oz 75-78 days   Hybrid
Brandywine Extra large,light rosy-pink,Firm clear skinned Indeterminate 1-1.5lbs 90-100 days   Heirloom
Brandywine Black Prolific yielder,black fruits are well formed,oval shaped, with "real tomato taste" Indeterminate up to 16 oz 80 - 120 days   Heirloom
Brandywine Red Scarlet-red, gourmet sister to Brandywine Indeterminate up to 1.5lb 90 - 100 days   Heirloom
Brandywine Yellow Golden-yellow semi-irregular fruits Indeterminate 1 - 1.5" 90 - 100 days   Heirloom
Bush Beefsteak Sandwich sized fruit, solid fleshed fruits of a deep rich red, average 8 oz Determinate 8 oz 62 days   Heirloom
Campari Red globe shaped hybrid with regular leaves and exhibits resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus Indeterminate cherry 70-60 days   Hybrid
Caro Rich Large,beefsteak type,golden-orange(10 times as much of beta-carotene as most tomatoes) Determinate 10-12oz 80 days   Heirloom
Carol Chyko's Very large 1-3lbs, heart shaped, crimson-red, meaty fruit with delicious flavors & fes seeds. Indeterminate 1-3 lbs 76 days   Heirloom
Caspian Pink Meaty,juicy & ultra sweet,Pink beefsteak type,origanally from the Caspian Sea Region Indeterminate 12 - 16 oz 80 days   Heirloom
Celebrity AAS winner.Globe shaped fruits are crack resistant,red fruit semi-determinate 7 oz 70 days VFFNTASt Hybrid
Chadwick Cherry A very flavorful, 1" red fruit that grows in clusters of 6.  Indeterminate 1.5 oz 72 days   Heirloom
Champion One of the earliest full sized tomatoes.flavorful & prolific.Round red solid,meaty and very sweet fruit Indeterminate 6 - 8 oz 62 - 65 days VFNT Hybrid
Cherokee Purple Medium pink-purple fruits that appear brown in color. Round to oblate,no cracking Indeterminate 8 - 12 oz 80 - 90 days   Hybrid
Cherry Red Large An excellent salad fruit, with clusters of 5 spreading hardy vines, with dark green foliage. Deep scarlet, round flavorful fruit. Indeterminate 1 - 1.25" diameter 72 days   Hybrid
Chocolate Cherry Extremely flavorful,1" diameter round fruit Indeterminate 1" diameter 70 days   Heirloom
Chocolate Stripes One of the top 3 at the 2007 Tomatofest. Plentiful yields of 3-4" bicolor tomatoes with complex, rich, sweet, earthy, tomato flavors. Great sandwich tomato! Indeterminate 3-4" 79 days   Open Polinated
Christmas Grapes Bright scarlet red fruits clustered in grape like bunches.Very sweet at first bite,followed by strong tomato flavor Indeterminate 1.5" - 2" 75 days   Hybrid
Climbing Trip-L-Crop Vines growing up to 25ft(should be trellised)Red& Meaty,Great for canning Indeterminate 6" across 85 days   Heirloom
Cluster Grande A cluster tomato with big, well colored red fruits. Indeterminate 5 oz 63 days FFAT Hybrid
Compari Somewhat larger than cherry tomatoes,deep red,round and about the size of a golf ball. Indeterminate 4 oz 80 days   Hybrid
Costoluto Genovese Vigorous plants produce ribbed,firm,fleshy fruits,sweet flavor,Red Indeterminate up to 7 oz 90 days Good disease resistance Heirloom
Coyote A jewel-like cherry, that bears 6-8 fruits on a branch.  Very flavorful Indeterminate cherry 75 days   Heirloom
Cream Sausage Creamy white to light yellows, sausage shaped sweet fruits, Excellent for colorful salsas & sauces Determinate 3" long 80 days   Heirloom
Crimson Cushion Beefsteak Bright red,ribbed fruit on vigorous vines.  Great for slicing. Indeterminate   90-95 days   Heirloom
Cuore De Toro Pink Oxheart type,4" fruit,pinkish-red with a sweet flavor Indeterminate 2lbs + 89 days   Heirloom
Cupid Grape, 1.5" oblong, very sweet and vigorous, good disease resistance Indeterminate grape 59 days   Hybrid
Dagma's Perfection Vigourous and abundant producer of 12 oz pale yellow tomatoes with a slight red striping. Delcious tomato flavor with overtones of tropical fruit and subtle hints of lime. Indeterminate 12 oz  73 days   Open Polinated
Debarao Deep-red paste tomatoes, Oval & crack free.  Matures earlier than most Italian plum types.  Great for snaking, sauces & salads Indeterminate 3-4 oz 72 days   Open Pollinated
Delicious Excellent slicer,Smooth,nearly solid meat. Indeterminate 1+ lb 77 days   Heirloom
Dixie Golden Giant Huge,golden-yellow beefsteak tomatoes have a delicious,fruity flavor with few seeds. Indeterminate 1 - 2 lb 85 - 100 days   Heirloom
Djena Lee's Golden Girl Regular leaf plant that yields huge amount of 8-10oz yellow fruit. Rich, sweet tomatoey flavor & meaty texture Indeterminate 8-10 oz 78 days   Heirloom
Dr Wyche's Yellow Beefsteak heirloom produces good yields of smooth blemish free slightly flattened 20 oz yellow tomatoes. It's rich flavor and large size sets this variety apart form other yellow heirlooms. Indeterminate 20 oz 78 days   Heirloom
Earliana Regular leaf plants yield clusters of 4-6, uniformily round, red-pink fruits. Sweet/tart flavor.Good for canning & salds Indeterminate 4-6 oz 68 days   Heirloom
Early Girl Meaty red fruits,firm texture & blemish-resistant skin Indeterminate 4 - 6 oz 57 days VFF Hybrid
Early Girl(Bush) An extreme earliness & huge yields of firm,meaty,flavorful fruits Determinate 4" in diameter 54 days   Hybrid
Elfin Vigorous short bushy plants that produce massive bunches of 3/4" grape-like(plum to pear shape) red fruits.Extra flavorful and crisp snacking tomatoes Determinate 3/4" 54 days   Heirloom
Emerald Evergreen Medium-large fruits that stay "evergreen", Heirloom from around the 1950's Indeterminate   80 days   Heirloom
Eva Purple Ball A vigorous 1800's heirloom from the Black Forest region of Germany.  Round 2-3" blemish-free, pink purple fruits Indeterminate 2-3" 70 days VFFNT Heirloom
Evergreen Remains green even when ripe,mild deliciuos flavor. Indeterminate medium size 72 days   Heirloom
Fourth of July Rich flavored, 4oz fruits ripen extra early on high yielding plants. Indeterminate 4 oz 49 days   Hybrid
Garden Peach Small 2 oz meaty fruit have light fuzz on the fruit and are the color of peaches on the outside with a hint of red on the inside. Very mild and sweet flavor. A superb novelty tomato for salads and fresh eating. Indeterminate 2 oz  70 days   Hybrid
Gardener's Delight Long grapelike red sweet fruits in clusters, sugar sweet,crack resistant Indeterminate 3-4" 72 days   Heirloom
Gary Ibsen's Gold Very juicy 14 oz brilliant orange-gold globes with fruit flavors, enough acid for balance Indeterminate 14 oz 75 days   Heirloom
German Johnson  Vigorous,mild,huge meaty 14-22oz, Pink/yellos,low acid,prolific. Indeterminate 14-22 oz 78 days   Heirloom
German Johnson Pink Pink skins and yellow shoulders,mild flavor Indeterminate 12-14 oz 80 days   Heirloom
German Red Strawberry Great as a sandwich tomato,Delicious,uniform fruits resemble strawberries,but much larger,solid meat with few seeds Indeterminate 10 oz & 3.5" long 80 days   Heirloom
Ghost Cherry Prolific producer of 1-1 1/2" white cherry tomatoes. Very Sweet. Indeterminate Cherry 75 days   Heirloom
Giant Belgium Huge,sweet dark pink fruits,a low acid,mild flavor Indeterminate 2 - 5 lbs 90 days   Heirloom
Giant Tree Vigorous 10-18ft vines.Globe shaped,pinkish-red fruits with few seeds Indeterminate 1 - 2 lb 80 - 90 days   Hybrid
Glamour Red round 7 oz, meatty, good fresh or canned.  Resists verticillium and bacterial speck. Indeterminate 7 oz 75 days   Hybrid
Gogoshary From Minsh,Belarus, 4 -6 oz lobed semi-hollow red & yellow striped fruits, great stuffing tomato Indeterminate 4-6 oz 80 days   Heirloom
Gold Medal Wonderful yellow & red bicolor beefsteak type with thin skin and lucious well balanced flavors Indeterminate 1-1 1/2 Lb. 85 days   Heirloom
Goliath Tall vigorous plants produce yeild after yield of 10 - 15 oz deep oblate blemish free red fruits. Exceptional disease resistance makes this variety widely adaptable and reliable. Indeterminate 10-15 oz. 65 days VFFNTASt Hybrid
Granny Cantrell's German Pink Kentucky heirloom, big regular leaf, indeterminate plants with wispy vines that yield wonderful large, 1-2lb slightly flattened pink fruits.  Delicious tomato for eating fresh, cooking, or canning.  A great sandwich tomato Indeterminate 1-2 lb. 80 days   Heirloom
Granny Smith Exceptionally tart flavor,with enough firmness to be diced without turning mushy. Green when fully ripe(harvest when it shows a little light yellow color),with a full sweet,natural flavor. A real tomato taste with a bit more tartness than red typesgreat for grilling or frying. Indeterminate 6-8 oz 72 days   Hybrid
Grape Green Very juicy and sweet, perfect for naturally green ketchups,soups,garnishes,sauces & hors d'oevres.Green fruits Indeterminate just under 1" across 70 days   Hybrid
Grape Red Vines produce huge amounts of 1",oval,brillient red, grape like cherry tomatoes in big clusters.  Disease,crack resistant and heat tolerant. Indeterminate just under 1" across 70 days   Hybrid
Grape Yellow Vines produce huge amounts of 1",oval,yellow, grape like cherry tomatoes in big clusters.  Disease,crack resistant and heat tolerant. Indeterminate just under 1" across 70 days   Hybrid
Grapette Hybrid Oblong fruit in clusters of 16-40 fruits Indeterminate 1-3 - 1/2 oz 75 days Yes(F) Hybrid
Great White Beefsteak A magnificent,almost perfect "white" tomato with low acidity and few seeds.Good drought & crack tolerance Indeterminate up to 2lb 80 days   Heirloom
Green Giant A tall bushy, potato leaf plant from Germany. 1-2 lb, lime green, smooth, oblate fruit.  A light green when ripe that turns to an amber green as it ripens further. Delicious melon sweet flavors. A very good salad or slasa tomato Indeterminate 1-2 lb. 85 days   Heirloom
Green Sausage Sausage shaped with yellowstripes, Paste type Determinate 4" long 75-80 days   Heirloom
Green Zebra Bright green with stripes,round smallish with excellent real tomato flavor Determinate 2-4 oz 78 days   Heirloom
Hawaiian Currant A sweet red pea-sized currant that holds fruit on clusters until all are ripe.  A very sweet and tasty treat Indeterminate pea sized 79 days   Heirloom
Hawaiian Pineapple Large golden-orange beefsteak type up to 1.5lb, lucious, very rich sweet pineapple like flavor Indeterminate 1.5 lb 93 days   Heirloom
Health Kick Hybrid Juicy plum shaped fruits,Saladette variety Determinate 4 oz 72 days Yes(VFFASt) Hybrid
Heinz 1439 Developed for the best ketchup,purees and sauces,fruits resist cracking red fruit Determinate 6 oz 80 days Yes(VFA Hybrid
Hillbilly Huge,mild flavored,beefsteak type fruits,orange-yellow streaked and mottled in shades of red & pink Indeterminate 1 - 2 lb 85 days   Heirloom
Homestead Highly adaptable, especially in hot areas. Fruits are medium-large,very smooth,red,meaty, and flavorful, averaging about 8 oz. Determinate 8 oz 80 days   Heirloom
Hungarian Heart Brought from Hungary to the US in 1901 this large pink oxheart type tomato is crack resistant with good flavor and is well suited for paste and canning. Indeterminate 1 - 1 1/2 lb. 85 days   Heirloom
Husky Red The unlimited production of an imdeterminate and the controlled growth of a determinate combine for season long production.  4-4.5ft height, Idal for small spaces,patios,planters and even larger pots. Dwarf indeterminate 5-7 oz 68 days   Hybrid
Indigo Apple A cross between Indigo Rose and a red cherry tomato. The unique green fruit,2-4oz, will show lots of purple, which is brought on by sunlight, but will eventually turn almost a true black.  Excellent sweet tomato flavor Indeterminate 2-4 oz 70-75 days   Hybrid
Indigo Blue Beauty A cross between Beauty King and a blue tomato.  Meaty pink,4-8 oz, beefsteak fruits with lovely dark, blue-black shoulders. Holds well on the vine for extended periods.  Sunburn and crack resistant Indeterminate 4-8 oz 80 days   Hybrid
Indigo Rose Indigo Rose is the first high-anthocyanin tomato commercially available anywhere in the world. Almost blue 2" fruits high in antioxidants. Exceptionally tasty tomato! Indeterminate 2" 80 days   Hybrid
Isis Candy Marbled in red & with a cat's-eye starburst on each blossom end.Double rows of 6-8 fruits Indeterminate 1 - 1.5" 70 - 80 days   Heirloom
Italian Gold Very productive, 6oz yellow-orange fruit. Paste type tomato Indeterminate 6 oz 80 days   Heirloom
Italian Heirloom Italian heirloom, red,meaty,fat,slightly pear shaped fruit,of rich,complex, sweet flavors that are well balanced with good acidity. Indeterminate 12-16 oz 75 days   Heirloom
Italian Tree Sprawling vines can grow to 15' producing heavy yields of 1-2 lb. 3-4" red tomatoes with just enough acid to make it a tangy tasty canning or sandwich tomato Indeterminate 1-2 lb. 85 days   Open Polinated
Japanese Black Trifele Pear shaped black to dark grey blushed with magenta.Excellent canner Indeterminate 3-5 oz 85 days   Heirloom
Jet Star Sturdy vines produce heavy yields of 7-8 oz red tomatoes with low acid. Indeterminate 7-8 oz 70 days VF Hybrid
Julia Child The tall, indeterminate, potato-leaf plant produces lots of 4-inch, deep-pink, lightly-fluted, beefsteak fruits that have the kind of robust tomatoey flavors and firm, juicy flesh that invites tomato feasting and seed-saving. Indeterminate 4" 78 days   Heirloom
Juliet Clusters of unusual, sweet flavored fruits cling to the vine longer than any other cherry tomato,Glossy red skinned fruits weigh 1 oz each. Elongated,grape like. Indeterminate 1 oz 60 days   Hybrid
Kellogg Breakfast Pale orange solid and meaty,Beefsteak type,Very desirable Indeterminate up to 16 oz 80-85 days   Heirloom
Kennington's Big Red Heirloom from the Kennington family of Ontario Oregon. Blemish free 8-12 oz red fruit are great for canning or slicing. Indeterminate 8-12 oz 85 days   Heirloom
La Roma 3-4 oz red fruits, great for sauce, vigorous and uniform in size Determinate 3-4 oz 78 days   Hybrid
Large Red 1-2 lb, 4" heavily ribbed, flattened, red beefsteak type with that "old fashioned" taste Indeterminate 1-2 lb. 85 days   Heirloom
Lemon Boy Lemon yellow,large,deep oblate fruits & mild flavored Indeterminate 6 - 7 oz & 3.5" across 72 days VFNASt Hybrid
Lemon Drop Yellow fruits have a pure,tart sweet taste. Heavy trusses of 3/4" fruits. Indeterminate 3/4" 80-90 days   Hybrid
Lillian's Yellow Clear yellow globe shaped beefsteak type, Indeterminate up to 16 oz 95-98 days   Heirloom
Limmony Bright yellow beefsteak type,tangy,yet sweet,lemony flavored Indeterminate 1lb 85 days   Heirloom
Long Keeper Bush type plants produce slow ripening 6 oz fruits that when picked in the fall when pale pink can last for four months stored at 65 degrees. Determinate 6 oz 90 days   Open Polinated
Marglobe Red,round fruit.Preserves well Determinate 6 oz 80 days VF Non-hybrid
Marmande French heirloom. Heavy clusters of 6oz deep red,flattened,oblate fruits that are meaty. Slicing tomato   6 oz     Heirloom
Martino's Roma Richly flavored,maety pear shaped fruits tend to drop from the vine when ripe. Use in sauces,pastes. Determinate 2 oz / 3" 75 days   Heirloom
Matt's Wild Cherry Tall,vgorous,rangy,regular leaf plant with thousands of 1/2" red cherry fruits.  Very sweet taste. Indeterminate 1/2" cherry 70 days   Heirloom
Mexican Midget Vines consistantly prouce long bunches of 1/2" tomatoes that are sweet and juicy with a slightly smoky flavor. Indeterminate 1/2" 70 days   Heirloom
Mortgage Lifter Very large,smooth pink skinned fruits.Meaty fruits with few seeds,very mild,sweet flavor Indeterminate 1-2 lb. 75 85 days   Heirloom
Mortgage Lifter Radiator Charlie's Original strain of M.C. Byle's ("Radiator Charlie) Mortgage lifter tomato that was bred in 1930's from four of the largest tomatoes of the time. Indeterminate 1-3 lbs 82 Days   Heirloom
Mortgage Lifter Red Red Strain of the famous Mortgage lifter heirloom toamto Indeterminate 1-3 lbs 82 Days   Heirloom
Moskovich Appealing,extra early,deep red 4-6 oz globe,cold tolerant,rich taste. Indeterminate 4-6 oz 60 days   Heirloom
Mountain Fresh Plus 12 oz red fruits, Nematode resistance,VFF,Graywall, blossom end rot,angularity Determinate 12 oz 70 days   Hybrid
Mountain Gold Yellow 9 oz fresh market, globe, crack resistant, low acid, mild flavor Indeterminate 9 oz 72 days   Hybrid
Mr Stripey Red & Yellow striped fruits,mild flavor and low in acid Indeterminate 1 - 3lb 80 days   Heirloom
Mule Team Red 10 oz, mild flavor, produces all summer, durable, strong producer Indeterminate 10 oz 78 days   Heirloom
Neves Azorean Red Antonio Neves migrated to Boston from the Azores and brought with him the family and their heirloom tomato seeds. Through a process of selection and seed saving we get today's strain of this wonderful meaty heirloom. Indeterminate 1-3 lbs 75 days   Open Pollinated
New Yorker One of the earliest standard sized varieties.  High yields of smooth,meaty,4-6 oz, scarlet globes,Bush beefsteak type plants set fruit in cool,short season conditions. Won't split or suffer Blossom end rot. Determinate 4-6 oz 60 days   Heirloom
Nyagous Baseball sized with a dark brownish-grey color when mature,fruits are in clusters,firm Indeterminate 6 oz 80 days   Heirloom
Old German An heirloom originally grown by the Mennonite community of Virginia, and one of the best ever varieties for slicing.Huge fruits weigh 1.5 to 2lbs  each with an unusual boat shape Indeterminate 1.5-2 lbs 75 days   Heirloom
Omar's Lebanese Monster tomatoes,pink fruits,rich & juicy Indeterminate 5" monsters 80 days   Heirloom
Opalka Long pepper-shaped form in clusters,Prized for sauces & canning Indeterminate 4-6" long 85 days   Heirloom
Orange Russian Oxheart shape, 8 oz, orange with yellow/red streaks, few seeds, very tasty Indeterminate 8 oz 85 days   Open Polinated
Orange Strawberry Heart shpaed fruits have sharp tips & are almost blemish free,strong sweet taste in juicy fruits that are deep orange when mature Indeterminate 8 oz - 1lb 80 days   Heirloom
Orange Sunshine Orange colored,1/2oz cherries are firm and as sweet as the Sungold.  Use in salds,pizzas,sautes, and salsas. Indeterminate 1/2" 58 days VFF Hybrid
Oregon Spring Early variety that sets loads of meaty,almost seedless red fruits.Perfect for ketchup & sauces Determinate 3 - 5 oz 60 days   Hybrid
Oxheart Orange Golden-orange,oxheart shaped fruit. Meaty,with a delicious,well balanced flavor. Indeterminate 12 oz to 2lbs 80 days   Heirloom
Oxheart Red Old favorite with home gardeners. Deep red firm heart shaped shollowly furrowed fruits, thick meaty mild walls, few seeds,clusters of 2-7. Indeterminate 7 oz 85 days   Heirloom
Paragon Livingston Introduced by Livingston seed in 1870. High yields of 8 - 10 oz red round flavorful fruit. Indeterminate 8-10 oz 79 days   Heirloom
Park's Whopper Big red fruits,crack resistant Indeterminate 4" diameter 65 days Yes(VFFNT) Hybrid
Patio Cherry Perfect for container gardening or limited space.Vines are extremely compact,medium sized oblate red fruit,smooth,firm and flavorful. Determinate cherry 70 days FASt Hybrid
Paul Robeson Russian heirloom.  Dusky, dark-red,with green shoulders, and red flesh in it's center.beefsteak, slightly flattened, round. Excellent chioce for cooler growing regions. Indeterminate 4" diameter 74 days   Heirloom
Pear Red Hardy,medium sized plants yield small red pear shaped fruits with few seeds,pefect for salads,sauces. Indeterminate 2 - 3" long 70 days   Heirloom
Pear Yellow Small Yellow skinned,pear shaped fruits are just like jelly beans with low acid tomato flavor. Very popular summer snack plant for kids! Indeterminate 2" long 78 days   Heirloom
Peron(Sprayless) Requires no pesticides for production due to it's natural pest resistance.Medium large Red fruits. Determinate 3" 68 days   Heirloom
Persimmon Great flavor and eye appeal. Large plump,golden-orange fruits average 1-2 lbs.  Meaty with liscious flavor and only a few seeds. Indeterminate 1-2 lb. 80 days   Heirloom
Pineapple Enormous,uniquely patterned,orange-yellow with red streaks,beefsteak type fruits Indeterminate 5 " & larger 85 - 90 days   Heirloom
Pink Girl Heavy producer of pink fruits,extremely crack resistant and low in acid Indeterminate 6 - 8 oz 76 days VFASt Hybrid
Plum Red 1.5-2" cherry red fruits, plum shaped, very juicy, low in acid Indeterminate 1.5-2" cherry 78 days   Heirloom
Plum Yellow Plant produces high yields of yellow plum shaped tomatoes Indeterminate 1 oz 70 days   Hybrid
Polbig Early meaty & Mild. One of the best varieties for holding on the vine without cracking. Determinate 6-8 oz 55-60 days VFFT Hybrid
Polish Linguisa Loaded with vitamins,fiber & potassium,but low in fat & sodium. Flesh is soft & very sweet Indeterminate 7 - 10 oz 73 days   Heirloom
Ponderosa Pink Extra large, up to 1 lb beefsteak type fruits, like Ponderosa Red, but rosy-pink.  Almost seedless, with low acidity and meaty flesh. Indeterminate up to 1 lb 80 days   Heirloom
Ponderosa Red This old time favorite is an extra large beefsteak type with mild flavor.  Almost seedless with low acid,solid,meaty,deep red flesh. Indeterminate 1lb 80 days   Heirloom
Porterhouse These plump beefsteak tomatoes—tipping the scales from 2 to 4 lb. each—are bursting with larger-than-life flavor. The luscious flesh is deep red all the way through—just the right balance of meaty solids and succulent juice. Indeterminate 2-4 lb. 80 Days   Hybrid
Principe Borghese Italian variety,plum shaped red fruits are unusually meaty with very few seeds. A favorite for drying Determinate 2" long 75 days   Hybrid
Prudens Purple Large dark pink,nearly purple fruits Indeterminate 10 oz - 1lb 75 days   Heirloom
Purple Calabash Drought tolerant heirloom has 2-3" fruits that are flat, deeply ruffled, chocolate brown with an intensely rich almost wine like flavor. Indeterminate 2 1/2-3 inch 85 days   Heirloom
Purple Russian Meaty,plum shaped,sweet & flavorful,good for eating fresh,salsa and sauces.  Purplish-black fruit that are crack resistant Indeterminate 6 oz, 3-4" long 80 days   Heirloom
Rainbow Very large,orange fruits with red spots or streaks,fim meaty flesh with low acidity Indeterminate 4.5" in diameter 80 - 85 days   Heirloom
Red Alert A superb juicy, sweet flavor in small fruits. Excellent for containers and patio gardening. Determinate 4 -5lbs 50-55 days   Open Pollinated
Red Robin Small cherry type, 8-10" height plants,ideal for container gardening Determinate cherry 55 days   Hybrid
Riesenstraube Clusters of red pear shaped fruits. Indeterminate 3/4 oz 70 days   Hybrid
Roma Perfect for sauces, paste, and ketchup.  Its heavy crop of bright red, pear shaped fruits are nice and meaty, with very few seeds. Determinate pear shaped 75 days   Hybrid
Roughwood Golden Plum A wonderful golden paste tomato that is the result of a cross between Brandywine and San marzano! semi-determinate 2 oz 76 days   Heirloom
Rutgers Bright red fruit,all purpose variety,full bodied flavor and disease resistant Indeterminate 7 oz 75 days VFASt Non-hybrid
San Marzano Superb flavor in slightly rectangular shaped bright red fruits that hang in large clusters.Perfect for canning. Indeterminate 3.5" by 1.5" 80 days   Hybrid
Sausage Unusually shaped tomato with fruits up to 6" long,like banana peppers. A prolific paste tomato Indeterminate up to 6" long 75 days   Heirloom
Smoky Mountain Red Foliage is sage green with fuzzy whitish hairs, medium size pear/oval fruit grows in clusters Indeterminate pear shaped     Heirloom
Speckled Roman Orange-red, 5" long fruits,speckled paste-type Indeterminate 5" long 85 days   Heirloom
Steak House A very large tomato.  Tipping the scales at up to 3 plus lbs. Broad shouldered beauty is bigger then Big Daddy & loaded with true tomato flavor and very fragrant.  Hybrid Indeterminate up to 3lb plus 75-80 days   Hybrid
Stupice Native to Czechoslovakia,extremely early,tolerance to cold,sugary sweet Indeterminate 1-2oz 52 days   Heirloom
Sub-Arctic Plenty Allegedly developed in the 1940's by the U.S. Military to provide fresh tomatoes to their troops in Greenland,Red fruit Determinate 1 - 2" 55 - 65 days   Heirloom
Sugar Snack 3/4" deep red, sweet, clustered tomatoes. Indeterminate 3/4" 63 days   Hybrid
Sungold Bite sized golden cherry tomato,thin skinned,sweet. Indeterminate cherry 57 days   Hybrid
Sunset's Red Horizon Introduced to the west by Nik Peplenov who immigrated to the US in 1999 and brought with him his favorite heirloom tomato seeds from the Rostov Don region of Russia. Huge, red, 4 to 6-inch, meaty, heart-shaped fruits are borne from a big leafy plant with wispy vines that continue to produce well into the fall.  Indeterminate 4-6" 72 days   Heirloom
Super Bush An excellent variety to grow in the home garden with stocky compact plants.  Fruits average about 6oz each Determinate 6 oz 70 days   Hybrid
Super Choice Big Red tasty heirloom from Berea Kentucky Indeterminate 1-2 lb. 85 days   Heirloom
Super Sauce Bigger,better, a Roma with aroma.Weighing at 2lbs.  Produces lucious, seedless sauce from a single plant harvest Indeterminate 2 lbs 70 days   Hybrid
Super Sioux Perfect variety for hot and dry climates. Produces big sets of crack-free, thick-skinned, round, red fruit. Good tasting on the tart side. Good acid makes it even a better variety for canning. semi-determinate 8-10 oz 71 days   Heirloom
Super Sweet 100's Long strands of fruits,extra high in Vitamin C,requires staking or caging Indeterminate 1 oz 65 days VF Hybrid
Supersteak Red beefsteak, rich flavor, meaty.  Excellent for salads & sandwiches Indeterminate 2lbs  80 days VFN Hybrid
Supersonic Big red fruits with flavor, size and quality.  Firm,meaty, very large and slightly ablate in shape. Smooth with escellent resistance to cracking.  Sturdy plants are vigorous and disease resistant Indeterminate   75 days VF Hybrid
Sweet Million High yields of super sweet cherry tomatoes with excellent disease resistance.Long chains of smooth dark red fruits Indeterminate 1 - 1.5" 60 days   Hybrid
Sweet Seedless The world's first seedless tomato. Tasty red mid size fruits with no seeds. Indeterminate 8-10 oz 68 days   Hybrid
Tennessee Surprise Regulsr leaf tomato plant yields moderate to heavy crops of 12-16 oz orange-yellow beefsteak tomatoes with very subtle red blushing/striping, well balanced, old time tomato flavors.  A good sandwich and salad tomato.  RARE Indeterminate 12-16 oz 82 Days   Heirloom
Thessaloniki Greek variety with beautifully smooth, 6 to 8 ounce red fruits. Tomatoes are juicy with an excellent old-fashioned acid tomato flavor. Indeterminate 6-8 oz 75 days   Heirloom
Tiger Paw Very productive heirloom tomato from Neukirchen, Germany.  Pale yellow fruits with pink blush,slightly lobed, flattened fruit(shape & markings like a cat paw)with thin skin,tropical-sweet flavor and a distinct hint of citrus.  Exerted stigma so must grow away from other varieties.  Very pretty fruit Indeterminate   77 days   Heirloom
Tigerella Similar to Mr.Stripey with tangy,red,meaty fruits with stripes of green to yellow hue. Indeterminate 4 - 6oz 76 days   Heirloom
Tomatillo Toma Verde Ripe fruits turn yellow. Home garden, harvest when green, Makes tart green sauces. Indeterminate 2" 60 days F-1  
Tomatillo Ground Cherry This out of the ordinary yellow ground cherry has a flavor that is sweet, fruity, and really does remind you of a pineapple. Makes a unique and wonderful salsa. The short spreading vines produce abundantly. Indeterminate 2" 75 days   Heirloom
Tomatillo Purple The tomatillo that grows wild in Mexican cornfields. Very small (3/4") purple-tinged fruits borne on 3-4' tall plants. Fruit typically does not burst through husk when ripe. semi-determinate 3/4" 70 days   Heirloom
Tumbling Junior Cherry Tumbling mound,8-10" height, spread 12".  Use in salads & cocktail. Home garden,containers, hanging baskets. Determinate cherry 65 days VF Hybrid
Tumbling Tom Red Cascades to 20" or more. Great for hanging baskets & container gardening.  Indeterminate 1-2" diameter 70 days   Hybrid
Tumbling Tom Yellow Cascades to 20" or more. Great for hanging baskets & container gardening.  Determinate 1-2 " 70 days   Hybrid
Umberto Red Pear A very old heirloom variety brought back from near extinction.  Just one plant can produce up to 250 pink, meaty 2 oz red fruits. Robust flavor is excellent for both fresh eating and sauces. Indeterminate 2 oz 80 days   Heirloom
Wapsipinicon Peach Yellow peach-shaped with excellent sweet flavor Indeterminate 2" 80 days   Heirloom
White Wonder Mild & sweet flavor,high sugar content,white coloring inside & out when ripe.Good for slicing,cannning & juices. Indeterminate small to medium 80 - 90 days   Hybrid
Wisconsin 55 Originally bred by J.C. Walker of the Univ. of Wisconsin in the 1940's. 4-8 oz, red, round fruit, highly productive, uniform size, strong skin and wonderful flavor makes this ideal for cooking, canning, salads and shipping. Indeterminate 4-8 oz 78 days   Heirloom
Yellow Stuffer Yellow tomatoes,shaped like bell peppers,are perfect for stuffing. Indeterminate 3 - 4 lobed 76 days   Heirloom
Zhefen Short From the Zhengjiang province of China. Pink,slightly oval 3" fruit with good juice,sweet/acid balnce and great taste. Great for patio planting Determinate 3" 68 days   Heirloom
Zogola Beefsteak type from Poland,produces lusious 1 lb, crimson-red fruits borne from abundunt clusters. Tomatoes reach 4" across,slightly flattened with mild flutting at the shoulders.Very juicy with a balanced and full sweet flavor. Indeterminate 1 lb. 85 days   Heirloom