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Back in 2005 while researching an article I was writing for my garden newsletter about wheatgrass I encountered some information on a medical research website that wheatgrass juice, more specifically the chlorophyll in the juice would dissolve tumors. I decided to put it to the test.


I had on my arm and another spot on my right hand what the docs who come through the shop had described as a “pre-cancerous lesion”.


It had been there for several years and defied healing by standard fare medications and preparations.


While doing my annual wheatgrass “binge” I picked the spot open and dobbed some of the excess foam onto the spot.


After about three weeks and perhaps five of these “pick and dob” sessions the core of this thing on my arm popped out and healed over.

Here are a couple of shots of that experiment.

I really wish I had done a true, in depth, scientific study of this, but it was just one of those “let’s see if there’s anything to this” things and I didn’t do the type of technical analysis that would convince anyone in the medical profession let alone one of my old professors.


So take this post for what it is. One person’s experience.


The 2005 pix.




Somewhere in the depths of my digital archive are buried the rest of the pictures I took during the test. At some point if and when they turn up I’ll add them to this post.


Ten years later, in 2015, the same spot.



Draw your own conclusions or do your own research. Personally I think there’s something here.


If I have a choice as to whether to go to man and his corporate chemistry, or to God & Nature for my healthcare, I will choose the latter.

God is eternal, Nature’s been at this biology thing for 4 ˝ billion years or so on this planet.

The corporate chemical guys were prescribing things like turpentine and mercury just 100 years ago.

Watch TV and observe the side effect class action lawsuits for the harm done by mainstream pharmaceuticals.

They might as well be still prescribing turpentine and mercury.

I’ll take experience over a sales pitch any day.


But that’s just me.


If as a culture we could harness the diagnostic capabilities of modern medicine and marry it with the holistics of natural remedies then we would really have a truly affordable health care system we could be proud of. Unfortunately there isn’t much profit in that.


Draw your own conclusions. : )


As always,


Happy gardening!