Greetings fellow gardener!


We’re open for the spring 2016 season.


Our stated hours are Mon. – Sat. 9 to 5 and Sundays Noon to 4.


Since the weather is still kind of up and down sometimes Helen decides to close up around 3 so it’s best if you call first especially late afternoon.

As always if we know you’re coming we’ll make sure we stay open until you’re done shopping. J


Gotta love her, 82 and still tending shop 7 days a week! I spun around after shooting some shelf pix and snapped this one…



Hehe.. “what’re you doing? Taking a picture of me?” lol..


We have a great selection of early cool weather vegetable plants ready to go. The selection has doubled since I shot the picture a couple of days ago.


We’ve gotten the berry, bulb and seed racks in and set up as well.





A great selection as always and of course we focus on non GMO varieties.


If you like Leeks there’s no better way to get super fat tasty leeks than to start with the seedling bundles that we sell on the front counter.

The variety is Lancelot and there are 50 + starts in a bundle for $6.99.



We also have a good selection of organic fertilizers to get your tasty crops off and running for a great healthy harvest.




We also stock some of the Fox Farm line of products.



As well as an organic pre emergent weed preventer.



If moles have been giving you fits in the garden there’s a great eco friendly mole repellant called Mole-Go that is based on castor oil and is highly effective. Just sprinkle it around the affected areas and as you water or it rains the castor oil percolates into the soil, moles say “yuck” and leave for other pastures. J



This year we have added a “gadget” to the organic mole solution lineup. It’s called Mole Zap, and uses Co2 to kill them in the tunnels. It’s perfectly suited to the gadget guy or gal that likes to be the mighty hunter and nail those pesky varmints right where they live. As you can see on the package it is OMRI listed (Organic Materials Research Institute) which is the standard for Certified organic products.



Their website is located at  - https://mole-zap.com/


They have a couple of videos on their youtube channel and it really is pretty darn easy to use. And for the big time mole hunter I would say pretty fun as well.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MxkUK-O-qQ setup and use


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3odPyWIwodQ demo of how it works, yep he uses a live mole in a tube for the demo. Puts ‘em right to sleep.


Our normal retail on this item is $34.99 but for our web blog readers and email subscribers I will price match Amazon at $28.99.



We also stock the cartridge refills and are competitive with online discounters within pennies. J


We also stock an item that can be a little hard to find in garden stores that is perfect for perennial or herb beds where you need a garden marker that will last for many, many years.



These are soft copper and will verdigris (turn green) over time, we have the zinc ones also. You use a pointy tool, I use a ball point pen, and etch the plant name into the label and you’re done. Never fades, Never degrades. Still legible decades down the road.


Well, That’s it for this week.


The Number at the shop is 513-541-8170.


Have a great week and ‘til next time,


Happy gardening!