2016 06 07


Greetings fellow gardener!


Got a pretty good special here for ya this time.


Bob, my brother from another mother of the last 24 years has given up the greenhouse thing due to bad knees. I will miss him, but I deeply treasure the time we spent together doing the big Funkeís, as well as the small specialty vegetable and herb plant version of the business.


With both his job and mine now pretty much on my shoulders Iíve decided to lighten the load a little and make it worth your while to help me do so.


Hereís the deal, all 3Ē pots and 2 cell packs, of flowers or vegetables regularly priced at $1.49 and $1.89 are on web reader and email subscriber special for just $1 ea. on any purchase of ten or more plants mix or match.




The selection is still the best youíll find and the plants are strong rooted and ready to perform.


Hereís a couple of pix I snapped Yesterday. : )





In other news,


Finally after four years of nurturing stock plants to build a propagation nucleus we have culinary ginger and turmeric plants available.



The best way Iíve discovered of accelerating root development is to plant them in deep soft rich organic soil in the garden or a large container if you plan to bring them in overwinter.


They donít like shallow pots for long term growth.


I started my garden last year with plants of this size and in October ahead of the first frost a half dozen or so of each gave me back about 4 times what you see here in the pictures.


Theyíre priced at $14.99, which as far as I could find is about $10 less than the comps I could find for established plants in a similar size container.


As always our plants are raised responsibly, although we are not certified organic we use organic technique in our growing process. Tomorrow Iíve got a shipment of beneficial insect predators coming in the mop up any pests and we feed any edible plants we grow with fish emulsion so our plants are never shot with the poisons so common in the greenhouse trade. The big box store plants are the worst.


But itís consumer driven, and as long as there are consumers willing to buy chemical laden, growth regulator stunted plants from the box store they will never change.


Iím just glad that Iím small enough to follow my heart, be ecologically responsible to Mother and my customers, and sleep at night with a clear conscience. : )


Weíre open Mon. through Sat. 9 to 5, and Sundays 9 to 4.


Any questions, just call the shop at 513-541-8170 during business hours and Iíll do my best to answer them.


Have a great rest of the week and enjoy this small burst of beautiful June weather!


Ďtil next time,


Happy gardening!