Greetings fellow gardener!


I’ve got a web special here for you this issue.


The rainy weather has left us with a slight overstock on a few items so I thought I’d put these beauties out here as a special for ya. ; )


We are primarily known for our INSANE selection of vegetable and herb plants but we also grow a nice, what I often refer to as, a “boutique” selection of interesting flowers that are fun and useful in the modern garden but have been overlooked by the chain store selections of most garden stores these days.



The special is on Tuberous begonias, New guinea impatiens (often called “sun patiens”), Sun coleus (they do fine in shade too), and Patent Geraniums in 4 ½” pots. These are regularly $4.29 ea. With a 5 or more discount to $3.99 ea. The special price is $2.99 ea. This an email subscriber/web visitor special and the way it works is when you bring any of the special items to checkout mention the special to the cashier before she rings your sale and you get the special price! No coupons to print or other silliness or hoops to jump through. But if you want the discount please MENTION IT WHEN YOU BRING YOUR ITEMS TO CHECKOUT! Easy enough to save a buck or more per plant eh? : )


Here are a couple of pix of the featured items.


Tuberous Begonias. BTW, the blooms on these are edible and have a taste similar to French sorrel. Great for doing those 4 star presentation plates for your dinner guests!




New Guinea Impatiens. These can grow in Sun or Shade and pop with big flowers and lots of color all summer long until frost.




Geraniums. A traditional garden standby with big showy blooms all summer until frost. They prefer at least a half day of sun for best performance. These were grown from cuttings supplied by a licensed propagator and were bred for performance.




Sun coleus. These are strains developed to withstand afternoon summer sun. They don’t have to have hot sun but they will handle it just fine to expand the gardener’s options for tropical summer foliage color in those afternoon sun spaces. You will often see these used for color in commercial landscapes. When they were first introduced about 15 years or so I ago I remember seeing some roadway median plantings in Blue Ash using them and they looked amazing! We have a great selection of colors to choose from.




Many local independents charge $5.99 or more for these plants in the same size and our $2.99 special makes them a really great deal, just make sure to mention the special when you come to checkout to get the special price! Thanks. : )


I’d also just like to make a quick mention that a lot of our vegetable varieties are starting to sell out so if you have some favorites that you haven’t gotten yet it’s be a great time to get ‘em before they’re gone for the season.


If you see a zero with a line through it on a sign it means that the last of what we grew for the season of that variety is on the display. If the symbol is not present and the display is currently empty we have more of that variety in some stage of production and that plants of that variety will be available sometime yet this season.


Here’s an example using the sign for Golden Green pepper. Golden Greek is the same variety used by many commercial packers of Peperoncini. If you want to grow your own in the garden this one’s for you!



We still have a huge selection of varieties to choose from so if you’re still planting and have a taste for an incredible healthy gourmet selection of fresh veggies from the garden a shopping trip to Funke’s can get you there!




That’s it for now.


Have a great weekend and of course,


Happy gardening!