Greetings Fellow Gardener!


Iíve been doing some greenhouse cleaning or green housecleaning as the case may be, and Iíve put some pretty nice specials on some tropical porch/house plants that have been in my care for quite a few years.


First off HUGE Boston ferns and Big Elephant ears for a measly $10!



Next up, Fragrant Jasmine, Cannas, and Red Mandevilla vines your choice mix or match $5.99 ea. or any two for $8! There are also just a handful of Orangeade Bromeliads with this group that have had the main stem bloom and are in the process of sending up pups. If youíre not familiar with how bromeliads function in the plant world, they send up their leaves which top out and flower, then the part that just flowered dies and the root system sends up a ring of younglings to start the process again, and thatís how bromeliads multiply. Common bromeliads used by humans include pineapples and bananas.



As my collection of tropical fruit and herbal woodies grows my zone 9/10 space is at a premium and I can no longer justify overwintering these lovely ornamentals and have priced them attractively for any who may care to adopt and enjoy them. : )


Also, weíve got a group of asparagus plants that were leftover root packs back in 2013, we potted them up and put them out for sale and hauled them back in again when they didnít sell.

Theyu donít like one gallon pots and really need to go in a garden somewhere where they can put their feet down and get busy building the whopper root system that Asparagus makes so it can send up all those tasty tender flower bud shoots that we people like to steam and devour in our oh so creative menus. : )


Anywho, theyíre priced to move at $3.99 ea. or 3 for $10.



Thereís more coming up all the time, hereís some items I added todayÖ



And some others, the variegated Red Flowering Hibiscus are kinda rareÖ.


As are these 15 year old Rabbitís foot fernsÖ I got the mother of these plants back in the 70ís when exotic tropicals were all the rage..



This big beauty isínt for sale but it hials from the same era as the mother Rabbitís footÖ



Thatís a 48Ē pot and the ceiling height is 18í. I got that in a nursery in Cleveland in 1979 in a 6Ē pot. Thatís what a Ponytail palm turns into if kept for decades. : )


The space in the picture is what Iím evolving, Iíll keep ya posted.


Right now Iíve got a luffa gourd trellis that needs crossbars so Iím off to the garden!


Ďtil next time,


Happy gardening!