Greetings fellow gardener!


Just a little frivolity here this issue and a share of a peek into “World Unseen” that are apparently everywhere courtesy of the mirrorcam app on my nokia 920. : )


Did you know we had a lake in our parking lot?


It was there all the time. Who knew!



Peering at it from a slightly different angle….



And another perspective…



And from this angle…



All derived in real time from this reference shot:



I truly had no idea that lake was there until I pointed the lens at that crescent moon and discovered the world unseen.


What creatures come to drink at the lake? Who lives in the woods by the lake? What lives in the water?  What lies beyond the woods that border the lake?

The answer can only be worlds unseen and yet to be discovered!


Einstein once said: “If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales, If you want them to really intelligent read them more fairy tales.”


Oliver Wendell Holmes once quoted: “A Mind once stretched by a new idea never regains it’s original dimension.”


Next time you’re in the garden take a look at it from a bug’s eye view and see the garden as a forest and a neighborhood.


Then look around you and take a bird’s eye view and see the neighborhood and forest as a garden. : )


For those willing to embark upon such journeys may you find wonder and amazement in the land of discovery.


For those not quite ready to travel such places all I can I can say with a kind smile is, ya don’t what you’re missin’!


Hope you enjoyed this little romp into “worlds unseen”.


‘Til next time,


Happy Gardening!