Fall 1997 Garden Mum selection

Our 2000 selection is incredible!

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Fall 1997 Hardy Garden Mums
ANNA Outstanding yellow daisy, extended bloom  Yellow Early Medium
BARBARA Prolific purple Pom Pom, strong grower Purple Mid-Season Medium
BLUSHING EMILY Alluring two tone coral-apricot decorative Coral Early Medium
BLUSHING CHRISTINE New peach-apricot tinged decorative Peach Mid-Season Medium
BRAVO Bright red decorative on stron stemmed plants Red Early Short
CANDICE Extended blooming, cream yellow daisy Yellow Late Medium
CHEERY EMILY Mauve-red decorative, prolific and uniform Mauve-red Early Medium
CHRISTINE Vibrant coral-red decorative, large flowers Coral-red Mid-Season Medium
CLOUD-9 Large, ivory-white, old fashioed White Mid-Season Medium
CREAM FROLIC Two-tone ivory decorative with strong growth habit Ivory Early Medium
CREAM NICOLE Ivory Colored Decorative Ivory Early Short
DARK GRENADINE Large Decorative Red-Bronze Flowers Red Bronze Mid-Season Medium
DARK TRIUMPH Two tone bronze decorative Bronze Early Medium
DEBONAIR Dark lavender decorative with strong, spreading habit Lavender Early Short
DENISE Large pastel-bronze decorative, strong habit Bronze SEASON Medium
DONNA Bright yellow, daisy, compact and spreading Yellow Mid-Season Short
ENCORE Pure white decorative, strong and spreading White Early Medium
FOXY VALERIE Velvety red decorative Red SEASON Medium
FROLIC Pure white decorative, semi-spreading and strong White Mid-Season Medium
GENTLE KIMMBERLY Orange-bronze daisy, free-branching Bronze SEASON Medium
GLOWING LYNN Two-toned orange decorative, strong,compaxt and spreading Orange Mid-Season Short
GOLDMINE Golden-yellow pompon,compact, spreading, long lasting Yellow Mid-Season Short
GRACE Orange-bronze daisy, rounded habit Orange Early Medium
GRENADINE Coral decorative, strong and compact Coral Early Medium
HARVEST EMILY Two-tone orange decorative Orange Early Medium
HELEN Dark red decorative, cushion habit, prolofic Red Early Medium
ILLUSION Large quilled daisy, cushion habit White Early Short
JANICE Golden decorative, compact cushion habit Yellow Early Short
JEAN Sivery-pink, long lasting Pink Mid-Season Medium
JENNIFER Two-tone bronze decorative, strong Bronze Early Medium
JULIA Bright yellow daisy, strong compact Yellow SEASON Medium
KIMMBERLY Pink daisy, prolific Pink SEASON Medium
LEGEND Golden yellow pompon, free branching, spreading Yellow Early Medium
LINDA White decorative, cushion habit White Mid-Season Medium
LYNN Two-tone lavender decorative, strong, compact and spreading Lavender Mid-Season Short
MEGAN Lavender duplex daisy, cushion habit Lavender Mid-Season Medium
NICOLE Formal white decorative White Mid-Season Medium
ORION Large, yellow quilled decorative, spreading Yellow SEASON Medium
PEACHY LYNN Orange-peach bicolor decorative, compact Orange Mid-Season Short
RADIANT LYNN Two -tone salmon and violet, strong, compact Salmon Mid-Season Short
RED REMARKABLE Red decorative, strong, free branching Red Late Medium
REMARKABLE Red-bronze decorative, strong, free branching Bronze Late Medium
RHAPSODY Dark lavender decorative, semi-spreading Lavender Mid-Season Medium
ROSEPINK DEBONAIR Rose-pink decorative, strong, spreading Rose-pink Early Short
ROYAL LYNN Lavender decorative, spreading, prolific Lavender Mid-Season Short
RUBY MOUND Crimson-red decorative, semi-upright Red Early Short
SALSA Red daisy, cushion habit Red Mid-Season Medium
SANDY Honey-bronze daisy, spreading habit Bronze Early Short
SARAH Large quilled decorative strong plant  Bronze Mid-Season Short
SERENADE Bright decorative good color retention Coral Early Medium
SOFT LYNN  Shell pink rose center dark foliage Pink Early Short
SOPHIA Two tone pink lavender center compact semi upright Pink Early Short
SPOTLIGHT Two toned excellent spreading habbit  Pink/rose  Early M edium
STEPHANIE Prolific fall flowering daisy type spreading cushion growth habbit  White Early Medium
SUNNY DENISE  Excellent growth habbit form flower same as Denise excellent spring growth  Yellow Early M edium
SUNNY LINDA Outstanding spreading habbit /fall great for spring pots  Yellow Mid-Season Medium
SUNNY MORNING Large, bright yellow flowers, green follage; full/strong Yellow Mid-Season Medium
SUPRA  Daisy, ballshaped Lavender S. Extender Medium
SYMPHONY Decortive, good color retention in high temps Lavender Early Short
TINKER BELL Decortive, strong, compact,  Lavender Mid-Season Short
TRIUMPH Beautiful, warm bicolored, strong, decortive, semispreading habit Bronze Early Medium
VALERIE Vibrant decortive, size up freely,  Purple S. Extender M
VIKING Decortive, size up well, good color retention, semispreading Orange Mid-Season Medium
WARM MEGAN Vibrant duplex provides a dramatic, yet natural color, look like decortive,  Orange Mid-Season Medium
YELLOW CLOUD-9 Large yellow semi-incurve Yellow Mid-Season Medium
YELLOW NICOLE Fine, early decortive, strong and free branching Yellow Early Medium
YELLOW SANDY Fresh, clear yellow daisy to flower, provide quality flowers, spread,  Yellow Mid-Season Short
YELLOW TRIUMPH Fine decortive flower form, suitible for any garden mum program Yellow Early Medium


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