Funke's plant inventory page

We carry what has often been called the most comprehensive selection of plant material in the tri-state.

Nearly 5 times the selection of the average greenhouse/garden store!

These are sample listings of the broad selection of plants that we typicly stock. With inventories oftne changeing daily it is not possible to keep these site lists current.

All plants are sold from our phsyical location only.

We simply are set up for distant shipping.

We do sell wholesale to qualified commercial customers.

Please call us at 513-541-8170 for current availability.

Choose from any of the lists appearing to the right.

The lists are available two ways, as an excel 2000 (.xls) file or as an html file which will open in your browser. Due to the length of these lists the html version will take quite a while to load for those using dialup connections since they are anywhere from 2-4 mb ea. Those file sizes are due to the excessive garbage microsoft programs put into web pages. I apologise for using that method. I simply don't have the time to hand code them. webmaster

If choosing the excel file right click on the link and pick "save target as" from IE or "save link as" from netscape and choose a location on your hard drive to save the file. Some systems will attempt to open this file in your browser. This will only yield gibberish. If you wish to view online pick the html version!

You will need a copy of Microsoft excel 2000 (or later) or compatible to view the .xls file.

The annuals list is just what it says, annual bedding plants and a boatload of them at that! Annual herb and vegetable plants will also be found there.

The perennial list is our extensive collection of herbaceous perennials which we continue to produce year 'round the 2004 version now includes seperate columns for color, season of bloom etc.

The nursery list is our stock of woody ornamentals.

The majority of our roses are grown from Jackson and Perkins #1 grade root stock.

Inventory can fluctuate quite a bit as we continually plant new varieties and others sell out.

AS OF April 2006 WE DO NOT SHIP PLANTS out of state.


Drop us an email with your request!

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