Funke's spring plant selection lists  Updated March 14 2024

So just how "insane" is our spring selection?

Here are the Tomato, Pepper, Other vegetables, Herb, and Flower lists for the spring 2024 planting season.

Our focus is on the vegetable and herb plant selections, about 1700 varieties for spring of  '24!

In the flower department support the gardeners who like to make their own flower arrangements by offering many tall cutting varieties that have been pretty much abandoned by the trade in favor of patent "color pop" varieties that can be found in just about every box store so you won't find a lot of that here, but you will find tall Zinnias, Dahlias, Asters, etc. as well as a number of "English cottage garden" selections and even cotton plants for the crafty folk that practice fiber arts. :)

If you truly love to garden and are looking for the "something different" you'll love shopping Funke's.. We are, after all, "funky".. lol..

Our selection is typically at peak from April 28th to about May 12th when varieties begin to sell out for the season

If you're driving from distance for a specific variety it's always best to check stock.

We can be contacted by voice at 513-541-8170 during business hours. Email via or messaged via our facebook page at

Our selection has grown over the past decade by customer's requests, so if you have something you'd like us to grow, shoot us your request via messenger or email and we'll see if we can get in the program for ya.

Here's the lists!



Other veggies