Digging the hole that will become your new pond

 For our feauture a knob of earth left behind from a water line repair was chosen. Here you see the knob "hollowed out" and the excess soil piled up to form the sides of what will become the upper section of our water feature.  
   Here you see all the major components of the full feature in progress. Care is already being taken at the poin to make sure that all containing sides are level.
 Another view with a little more progress made on the digging. This is the stage where you'd want to start measuring the depth of the pond.  
   Here you see a closer view of the stream and the opening that was left in the top section for the future waterfall. Level is important across the top of the waterfall! There's still plenty of work to be done but care at this stage will save a lot of "fix it's" later!
 An overview of the project in progress....  
   An overview of the lower section showing the stream entry point that has yet to be dug at this point. Here, just as with the waterfall level between opposing sides is critical and checking level along the way will save work later!

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