Finishing the hole that will become your new pond

  Two pieces of 15 x 20' 45 mil rubber pond liner were used for this project. Here you see the first piece draped over the upper section of our water feature.  
   Here you see see the edge of the upper liner draped over the waterfall and across the center of the stream. This will be the section where the two liners will be joined using a double sided "sticky tape" made for joining liner sections. This area was chosen becuase it was the shortest span and least likely to leak.
In this view the lower liner section has been draped over the lower section of our feature. Some water has been added to the upper section of the feature helping to hold it in place.  
   Here you see the lower section with some water in the deep center that will accomodate the pumps for waterfall. It will also make a good depth for water lilies. The shallower "shelf" will be perfect for reeds, rushes and other shallow water plants which are often refered to as "marginals"
Another view from the bottom :) The liners have already been overlapped and sealed with the sticky tape. VERY STICKY TOO! If you join liners with this stuff be sure to clean the area to be joined with some rubbing alcohol and allow to dry. I pressed tham together by doing a "dance" in stocking feet over the entire span of the joint :)  
   Here water is being added and you can see some rocks starting to go into place over the top of the fall and over the joint between the two liner pieces. If you look closely you can also see a can of urethane foam in the stream. This stuff is wonderfull for sealing the cracks under you rocks to make sure the water flows over and not under them!
 Here you see more rocks added to the waterfall and the stream section. Also notice in the right side of the photo spent cans of urethane foam used to seal the cracks behind the rocks of the waterfall. If you choose to a waterfall have plenty of this stuff on hand! Also have some acetone based nail polish remover to clean up with :)  
   Wtare is being added here to the top section. Flow over the falls is only about an inch and a half away! woohoo! A quick note here on selecting the rocks for a waterfall top. A single rock covering the entire span works best. Multiple rocks were used on this project and it took a lot of extra time to get a good seal to keep the water flowing over and not under the top of the falls.

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