Music of the Spheres tm. chimes

Originally Designed by Larry Roark who helds a degree in music thoery from the University of North Texas. The artist's aspiration was to make the tuned windchimes by which all other are measured :) Once seen and heard you'll believe it! Alas Mr. Roark has since passed but his company lives on and the artisits and engineers at Music of the spheres carry on his tradition and truly make the chimes by which all others are measured!

This line of beautifully crafted chimes feature some seriously HUGE chimes! Very deep tones and some very unique tunings. They also use center pin tube suspesion and are extremely resonant. The Bass chimes and Bossa profundo carry a 15 year manufacturer's warranty against defects in material or workmanship. All other chimes in this line carry a 7 year warranty. Needless to say the quality is exceptional!

Each size comes in ten different tunings and each tuning comes in 5 different sizes.

Very collectable!

We carry this entire line in our store in Cincinnati.

Free shipping in the continental US so if you reside in the continental US, the price you see here is all you pay. No hidden charges ever!

Delivery time is usually about 5 business days.

 Bossa Profundo  The largest and deepest tones of any production tuned windchime! Yes, it's HUGE! Reccomended to be hung a minumum of 18' from the ground.  $3200

 Westminster  The best "big ben" of any chime line!  $249.99

 Bass chimes  Huge 2 1/2" diameter tubes and very resonanant! 10 different tunings. The largest and deepest home & garden chime we've found!  $579.99

 Tenor chimes  2" diameter tubes, very resonant! 10 different tunings.  $379.99

 Alto chimes  1 1/2" diameter tubes, very resoanant! 10 different tunings.  $183.99

 Mezzo soprano chimes  1 3/16" diameter tubes, clear and beautiful sound! 10 different tunings.  $109.99

 Soprano Chimes  7/8" diameter tubes, filling the highest part in the choir. 10 different tunings available  $75.99

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