Fountains and watergardens

that we carry

(and some of these things are heavy!)

Speaking of heavy, all but the tabletop are VERY expensive to ship. Average shipping cost via common carrier is about the same as the product itself. UPS, RPS, Fedex etc. will not ship the larger units. For our local customers within 50 miles of our store in Cincinnati we can deliver the larger units via our truck, fee will vary depending on unit and distance. If you wish this service call for a quote. Visit our Online store for the units that we can ship via UPS.

Henri fountians and garden sculpture

this line is high quality cast stone and features

great artistic details and copper and brass hardware

on many of the featured items.

These are some of the items in this line that we stock.

(click on image for details)

boy and girl at well

column well


Rock Cave

Cylinder column well

Upright table top and other tabletops

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