Spring at Funke's

Our most spectacular season and the one that made us famous! We carry such an incredible array of plants and everything else for you garden people have driven hundreds of miles just to shop with us :)

Ault park flower show - We don't set up a display at Ault Park but our plant material always makes an appearence! We are simply too busy at that time to spare the staff to do a display worthy of Funke's :) But many of our customers do! Here are some pics of what some very talented designers have done with our plants! How about you?

Cincinnati Home and Garden show - We don't set up a display here either due to time constraints of getting plants ready for your garden. Here again though our material makes showstopping displays!

   Early spring in one of our glass houses chock full of crops coming on! Notice the big 8" pansy pots on the bench next to the geraniums.

   - Our parking lot on a day in May.. Hoo boy, we was busy!

Webmaster's note: these pics were taken during spring here at the store if by any chance you appear in one of these and would like your picture removed please email us and we'll get it oughta here :)

   - some happy campers! We try to make the garden shopping experience fun :) Looks like we succeeded in this case :)

   - Dreams of beautiful gardens as our customers check out with all those wonderful flowers!

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