Funke's Staff

We're an ecclectic collection for sure!

We're a fun loving bunch and all just a tad crazy in our own individual ways or we wouldn't be career garden store professionals in the first place! :)

We're also very skilled and in love with our profession and will do our level best to help you :)

We hire full and part time help for spring and summer for details click here

   - Helen Funke our president

   - Al Funke our V.P. Did this one ever grow up?? :)

   - Bob Lepere, Head grower & general manager. Shown here with some of his 2006 geranium crop. (more bob)


   Joy Griesenger - Retail mangement & garden guru :) Shown here with her true love.. Hostas! With three decades of garden experience she's an expert in perennial gardening. Shade gardens are her specialty :)

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