There's a few things happenning this weekend..

On the Earth day theme we are once again giving away starter evergreen trees beginning Saturday.
This year's selections are Eastern red cedar which is fast growing and makes a good screen planting, Douglas fir which has wonderful soft needles, Norway spruce which is also a fast grower as spruces go and has graceful draping branches at maturity, Scotch pine of Christmas tree fame, and Austrian pine which has very long needles and a nice dense habit.

All of these trees also do a superb job of filtering the air we breath since they continue to transpire year 'round. :)

Funke's has also donated some of these trees for giveaway at the EPA booth at Sawyer point on Saturday.

Another point of interest if you're heading down to Sawyer point will be Hamilton county environmental services booth where they will be holding a planting demonstration starring Funke's famous pansises! They will also be giving away pansy plants until they're gone :)

Here at the greenhouses we start an unadvertised sale on early spring vegetable plants. Cabbage, lettuce, celery, broccoli, brussels sprouts and the like are on sale at $9.99/flat (reg. $13.99). They are big and bushy and need a good garden to grow in! They've been outside for weeks now and will handle just about anything nature can throw at them at this point :)

We also have an excellent selection of Easter flowers! Lillies (several varities), Azaleas, tulips, hyacinths, and others...

Easter lillies are in the asiatic lily family and are winter hardy in our area. If you plant them in the garden they will come back next year and will grow to a height of about 5' and bloom in July.
A wonderful accent for the summer garden!
Potted flowering bulb plants such as tulips, hyacinths and especially daffodils if planted in a good arganic soil will also yeild a bloom next year. Daffodils will naturalize and make themselves a permenant resident of your garden!


We have just received four more shipments of trees and shrubs this week.. The nursery is full indeed! Very nice material also, I am pleased with the quality and sure you will be too :)
Funke's does guarantee trees and shrubs purchased at full price for one year from date of purchase. We do request you keep your receipt to verify date of purchase and price paid.

An inventory of what we currently have in stock can be seen on our website at
The list was just updated on 04/21 as was the perennial list :) (finally!)

If you're planning a landscape you can easily print the list out from your browser to have it handy for planning or shopping. Most of the items also have good descriptions as far as height, season of bloom, rate of growth, sun and soil requirements and zone hardiness. At some point in the future I'd like to develop a database with pictures but that is a BIG progect for this busy camper :)

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