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A trip to the pumpkin patch - How we found our pumpkin supplier. A heart and soul advnture that would make linus proud :)

03/30/00 - Shade plants, butterfly feeding habits, lily of the valley, raspberries, spring feed trees, extending bloom in the shade with astilbes and in the sun with daylillies.

04/21/00 - Earth day trees, perennial Easter lillies

04/27/00 - Pre-emergent herbicides, Funke's perennial selection

05/15/00 - summerproofing your garden

05/25/00 - planting "leggy" tomatoes, gardening & osteoporosis as related to women 50 and over, pinching back mums, curly top tomato virus, shearing hedges

06/08/00 - Drought and "lazy" gardener proof Daylillies & Irises

06/18/00 - tree roses, How fast & slow kill herbicides work, horticultural uses of common mulches, which one is right for your garden?

07/28/00 - "No brainer" groundcovers for sun & shade other than ivy :)

07/31/00 - A brief History & culture of Chrysanthemums updated 08/13/00

09/14/00 - A beginner's guide to spring flowering bulbs

10/26/00 - Sage and Lavender and Mint, Oh My!

11/03/00 - Basil, Cilantro and Rosemary

11/09/00 - It's parsley thyme!

12/14/00 - The misery and mercy of Nature

06/01/01 - A beginner's guide to Daylilies

08/23/01 - A four seasons garden

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