If you've just dug a new area it's a great time to put down a pre-emergent to keep weed seeds from coming up. It really does cut down on that summer weed pulling! Preen is a dandy pre-emergent and comes in several formulas. Regular Preen, Preen 'n green which has fertilzer added and Preen for ground covers specially formulated for use in those ivy, myrtle, pachysandra and other ground cover beds..

The larger portion of our perennial signs are also up now.. It makes it easy to find hardy plants to provide a succession of bloom in the garden.. We have nearly 1400 varieties of hardy perennials ready to plant. One item of intrest for the shade gardener is Patrinia.. Hardy to zone 5 (20 below) grows to 30" and blooms yellow all summer! A rare find indeed! There are also some HUGE foxgloves in D1 while they last! In the shade house there are some 2 gallon Hosta varieties that have been growning for several years and can be easily divided into 3 or more gallon sized divisions! They can also be planted as one big clump and by mid summer they'll look like they've been in for years :)

Just in case you were'nt aware of it let me take this opportunity to tell you about our "wish" book located at the front counter. If you have a plant or product you're looking for but weren't able to find at the store just make a note in the book!

Our purchasing/planning staff (Bob :) ) reviews this when selecting items to carry. It's a big part of what has made the selection at Funke's as large as it is :) We're always trying to keep a close ear to our customer's needs and wants and this helps us to serve you our valued customer better :)

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