"Summerproofing" your garden...

Last year's drought caused many plantings to just dry up and blow away. A good preventative step is to add some Soil Moist to the soil when you plant.
This absorbant polymer swells up and retains water to make it available to the plants' root systems as it is needed. It really can make a difference! Espescially if you have a busy schedule and can't get around to watering as often as you'd like :)

Adding organic soil ammendments to hard clay soils helps your plants as well. The compost & manure mix that we sell is a good product and will allow roots the breathing space they need to support strong growth up top. Used in combination with Soil Moist and Preen to prevent weed seeds from germinating can yield a garden planting about as maintainance free as it gets! Some work is always required of course :)

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