Daylilies and Irises! An awesome selection of both are coming into bud and bloom! They are simply beautiful and VERY durable additions to any sun bed or border! I found some lemon yellow double daylilies starting to bloom out back one night this week and brought some up to the front to show themselves off :) Some of the reds and pinks are starting to bloom now also :) Daylily varieties come in early, mid and late season bloom times and can be added a plant at a time during the season depending on the colors you like to give you a summer long succession of bloom for years and years to come! The best thing about them is also the fact that they are virtually drought AND "lazy gardener" proof as well and will grow with little or no care :) I know this one from personal experience :) I get the grass mowed around mine and that's about it.. hehe :) They continue to bloom year after year on the west side of my house despite my utter neglect of them!

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