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The spiritual side of gardening - Spiritual thoughts from our fellow gardeners ancient and modern update 07/15/05

Cicada sale silliness - Some pics from the Cicada sale with Helen in a cicada suit :)

Desktop wallpaper - A directory of original Funke's desktop garden wallpapers in 800x600 resolution.

History - A pictorial essay of the history of this unique area of Cincinnati and it's roots in the family farm

Garden - A book of poetry by Cinncinati Poet Richard Hague. Deep and thought provoking timeless verse conjuring images and feelings of nature as expressed in the garden. Section has samples and conatct info for the author. webmaster

Earth Day! - tree seedling give away program

Corryville school - Instructor John Oles teaching his students about gardening

Growing pains - samples from the book of same title by Geralyn hunt. I think you'll enjoy her unique and heartwarming lessons in life as experienced in nature and the people who hold it dear in their hearts :) webmaster

Kitties! - Visit with some of the favorite furry feline friends at Funke's of the nineties and early 2000's

Greenhouse views - Ever want to walk on top of a greenhouse? C'mon up!