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Open Mid March to Mid November 

Closed for winter we'll be back Mid to Late March of 2018 for another spring season of INSANE her and vegetable plants!

Our Facebook page has remained active with garden info, crop updates, and other interesting posts. :)

Funke's facebook page

Our Spring 2018 selection of Vegetable and Herb plants will be even more INSANE than ever!

Want to see why avid gourmet gardeners have been driving as far as 300 miles to shop our spring selection?

220+ varieties from Super hot to super sweet, and everything in between, here's the long awaited 2018 Pepper list!

And of course, no sauce, salsa, salad, or big fat burger would be complete without tasty tomatoes.

With 240+ varieties to choose from this year the 2018 Tomato list here for your perusal. :)


We have added even more heirloom tomato varieties, more peppers, heirloom Squash, Okra, and Eggplants, among others, and a whole bunch more herbs, including culinary, medicinal, and spiritual use varieties, enough to tickle the fancy of the chef and the herbalist alike. We believe in staying close to nature and grow our plants here as natuarally as possible. Our catch phase is "Just say no, to GMO." During the spring season we'll be posting updates and featured items to our facebook page.

If you're a "fire eater" you'll be pleased to know that we added about 20 new million+ scoville varieties to our selection this year from the folks at Pepperjoe.com where they take their breeding of super hot peppers seriously. We start the seeds in January so you can buy plants at Funke's that will have pods ready by mid to late July in your home garden.

And Yes, we really do grow all of our vegetable and herb plants here on site, no middle men, no poisons, no kidding. :)

Come see why vegetable and herb gardeners are driving as many as 3 hours one way to shop our incredible selection!

Our service, selection, and prices will delight both the beginner and expert gardener alike.

If you are a truck farm or a community garden or other commercial or non profit organization we offer exceptional quality and commercially competetive pricing. We also have decades of experience meeting the needs of the commercial, and plant sale fundraiser market. We do request large volume commercial orders be placed to allow enough time for procurement and sowing of seed or propagation of cuttings or divisions to meet your requested ship date.

In most cases this lead time can be several months. If interested drop an email to al(at symbol)funkes.com for details.

Have a favorite variety that you'd like us to carry? Just drop an email to the address in the previous sentence. We like requests and feed back from our customers. :)

In the past we have posted our tomato and pepper variety lists here on the website. Data management is a time consuming job to say the least when scheduling and growing the over 250 tomato varieties and now over 170 pepper varieties, not to mention all of the other heirloom vegetable and herb selections we grow. Long story short, I just don't have the time (or energy) to translate our crop scheduling data into something intelligeable for the garden surfer.

In 2015 our email garden newsletter / blog moved here on the website. To go there click HERE.

Some specials and other offers will still be sent to subscribers as well as annoucements of new postings. If you'd like to subscribe to our email announcements you can do so via the link at the bottom of the page.

Just a note to any who may wonder. I have intentionally left the site in the "homepagey" feel of the internet of the mid 90's. A simpler time before hacking, tracking, profiling, spying and obsessive commercialism took over. In a nutshell, heirloom plants, heirloom website. :) Al

Spring 2015 tomato plant list! Our largest selection ever!

Spring 2015 pepper plant list! From dangerously hot to sweet as candy it's pure pepper pleasure

Spring 2015 herb plant list We grow over 100 species of culinary, medicinal, and spirtual use herbs. Come see why professional Chefs, Herbalists, and Home gardeners alike count on Funke's as their source for their herb garden starter plants.

We really do take our devotion to preserving our heritage and the diversity of species quite seriously, if you really enjoy reconnecting with nature through gardening we think you'll find Funke's a refreshing change from the "same, same, stuff, stuff" garden stores out there. :)


Here's a bunch of other fun garden stuff to poke through on our site. :)

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  • Poinsettias - We did at one time grow some of this finest poinsettias in the region. Consumer apathy and reluctance to pay for quality, and rising fuel costs forced us to stop growing them.
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    God grant us the sereneity to accept the things we cannot change, the COURAGE to change the things we can, and the WISDOM to know the difference.

    Serving the greater Cincinnati Garden Market for four generations since 1896

    We were at one time, perhaps the single most comprehensive selection of perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs and garden accessories in the region including tuned windchimes, garden furniture, tools, fertilzers and water gardening supplies. The unwillingness of garden consumers to buy plants in any significant numbers in anything less than perfect weather, and then only willing to pay what they did ten years ago while costs of operation skyrockted forced us to shift focus towards the self sufficient organic method food production of our past.

    Our primary mission is now to provide the plants, materials, and knowledge necessary for our customers to take control of their own food supply.

    "Teach a person to fish and they're fed for life, teach them to garden and they can feed the whole neighborhood!" Al Funke 2009

    We look forward to a sustainable future of healthy and bountiful harvests.


    Located at 4798 Gray Rd. Cincinnati Ohio 45232

    Phone 513-541-8170

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