Links to some cool gardening sites and other places!

updated 12/11/22

https://www.kremp.com/build-a-greenhouse-at-home/ - Page with useful condsiderations for those thinking about building their own greenhouse

http://www.homeadvisor.com/r/gardening-at-home-with-kids/ - Nice clean site with lots of useful articles on how to get and keep kids intersted in gardening and growing their own food.

http://www.greenhousegrowing.co.uk/ - an informational site from britain with tons and tons of greenhouse structure info targeted at the home gardener. Want to amplify your productive capaicty year round? Check them out!

Buycincy.com - Local shopping, Local people, Local flavor. Superb resource for those who are weary of chain store sterilty and ingnorance.

Homemeadow song farm - Located just up the street from Funke's, Homeadow Song Farm is a homestead that actively promotes experiential learning through integration of practical work, artistic experience and celebration of community. We are currently working with Rudolf Steinerís indications for bringing cultural renewal in the areas of land stewardship, animal husbandry, education, and social responsibility. They offer accredited homeschool programs for kids.

Sunflower a.k.a Janice Trytten - One of our neighbors here on Gray Road. Keeping the history & cultural elements of the Native Amercian plains tribes alive through her native flute performances, CD's and grade school educational programs.

Spring Grove Villiage - Official website of the community in which we're located.

Park + Vine - "a green general store where being green is easy" A Local independent business that carries a broad selection of earth friendly products that are not only good for us and our children but our planet as well!

Hosta society of greater Cinncinnati - a superb site with lots of info for the local Hosta collector/enthusiast. A quick surf of the site turned up a humourous and informative article from Hosta afficionado Jerry Robertson about fertilizing Hostas and an article with pictures about the HVX Hosta virus. FYI, Funke's does not allow HVX infected Hostas in our selection. Our resident Hosta expert Joy Griesenger routinely scans our crop for signs of infection. Should any ever be spotted they will be immediately destroyed.

Find it in Ohio - new Ohio based web search engine

Herbmed.org - An excellent site with tons of detailed information on medicinal herbs. Healthcare professionals will appreciate the attention given to scientific study and reseach findings. As a former student of organic chemistry I was impressed :) webmaster

English Greenhouses - The site of a fine builder of Victorian style greenhouses for the home and garden based in the UK. Very classy structures!

Madame Alto's cat house - A cute site devoted to the love of furry felines :)

Funke's e-brochure at garden design magazine - Our online page at the magazine's site. For the main page of this premeire monthly featuring hours worth of garden dreams and inspiration click here

The Art of Gardening - extensive site of links to gardening sites around the 'net

University of delaware botanic gardens

This site is grouped by the gardens planted on their grounds with great descriptions and pics of the plants used.

Royal botanic garden Kew

England's famous Kew gardens now has pictures! These are the people who brought us scientific nomenclature dating back to the days of empire and colonies :)

God save the Queen! (and her gardens!)

Friends of the daylily

A really nice daylilly site with a collector's focus. Great descriptions and many pictures. A great place to network with other daylilly afficionados.

American Hemerocallis society

Another daylilly site targeted at the collector of the genus. Also great place to network with other daylilly collectors.

Ortho online

Superb site with tons of information on the care of different areas of your garden without being overly "pitchy" with their products. Good job Ortho!


Extensive site with lots of information about topics and programs shown on their station.

Proven Winners

A well done site promoting this popular line of patented hybrid annuals.

Clean air gardening - a .com store site selling very useful and handy eco friendly gardening gadgets such as rain barrels, compost bins, non polluting reel type lawnmowers etc.

Budget Awnings - 20 year old Miami based retractable awning manufacturer. Site has extensive pictures of installations and plenty of information. Focus on quality. If you've been to Miami you know the sun destroys anything not made to last :) Company serves nationwide clientele.

National Gardening magazine

An awsome site with some really cool articles and how to's. Includes a search function of their online library. They also have an e-mail newsletter called gardenwire with tips and tricks. Information is searchable by region also. As of 2002 this site and it's newsletter have gotten ad revenue oriented so be prepared to get "sales pitched".

Flower Framers - Makers of unique high quality window boxes for cottage and palace alike :) They also contributed to the "miracle mile" project adding beauty to Over the Rhine.

Ames Garden Tools planting guides

A very nice selection of online planting information guides from this maker of popular garden tools. Also not "pitchy" about their products :) Well worth the surf for the cyber gardener.

Weidner's Gardens

Southern California specialist propagator and commercial greenhouse. Wonderful site with tons of information from repotting to specific plant growing.

Chicago Botanic Gardens

A fun surf of this site will yield specific plant information on some of their material as well as events at their facility and a "what's in bloom now" updated monthly

Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory

This is a really cool site for the scientist and ecological gardener alike! They smash atoms to bits probing the very edge of humankind's understanding of how the universe works and in their spare time work to restore the prairie and it's native species that have been nearly wiped from the earth due to non-native weeds and trees carried over by European settlers. Some of the native species are so exotic I'd have sworn they were alien only to find out that they are native to our continent. I have toured Fermilab personally on several occasions and for the botanicly oreiented it really is a must see :) Follow the "clickable tour" link from their main page to link deeper into the prairie restoration information. Or for a "smashing" good time tour the lab and find out why quarks have such a strange charm! hehe....

American Hosta Society

A site devoted to the genus for the collector. If you like Hostas this one's for you!

General merchandise sites of interest

HookedOnPots.com - A retail site devoted to those who just can't have enough pots, Plenty of containers for everybody else too :)

Beverly bay - Wholsale manufacturer & supplier of Dry cleaner bags, car covers, motorcycle covers & the like

Nationwide pools - Nice selection of pools at factory direct pricing

Gardens and homes direct - Web based retailer of garden furniture and the like. Their motto is "Make the most of your Garden with www.gardensandhomesdirect.co.uk. Our superb range of garden and patio furniture, water features, gazebos and sunloungers will provide everything you need for the perfect garden."