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Just a friendly page for our regulars to keep you posted as to what's changed around the site :) Occasionally things do get added without a post here so surf around, we always do our best to keep the Fun in Funke's!

April 27 2010 - moved links from main page to new areas, did pages for fun stuff, products and about sections

April 22 2010 - updated tomato and pepper list pages, dusted off video page, checked links for functionality

03/11/08 - added 4 new medicinal herb features to herbs section

2005-2007 - performed basic "dusting off" here and there around the site

10/10/04 - added two more examples of our field work to landscape page

10/09/04 - added fall wallpapers, added pics to specials page for fall

06/21/04 - updated landscape services page

06/04-09/04 - updated specials page as they changed

06/20/04 - added cicada sale silliness page, updated weekly specials, updated landscape services page

05/18/04 - added Greenhouse views, a set of pictures taken from a walk atop the greenhouses :)

04/01/04 - 05/18/04 - updated plantlists, testimonials, Corryville school seed starting and dusted off assorted areas of the site :)

03/10/04 - linked in Garden the book of poems by Richard Hague, moved flower framers link to the links page. Also put in link to directory of garden desktop wallpapers.

10/03 - 02/04 - performed misc. "tidying up" around the site and added "they called themselves gardeners" to the history section of the site

09/25/03 - The work in progress, aren't they all? :) The spiritual side of gardening debuts...

06/07/03 - added Hosta section

07/26/02 - added building a pond section to site

07/02/02 - added Carol Willwerth collectable gift cards page

06/27/02 - added in store specials page, also added Whitey to kitties page.

04/19/02 - Opened "door" to Growing pains book area.

Added Earth day tree seedling giveaway page

04/09/02 - updated plant list page for spring 2002 season.

01/10/02 - updated kitties main page sepearted kittie by past and present. We lost a couple of sweeties this past year. Rest assured there will be some new additions from the spring litters :)

03/02/01 - Completed Music of the spheres windchimes, added sopranos & shop by tuning feature with all ten tunings plus "ensemble" sound files.

01/23/01 - updated Music of the spheres in the online store windchimes with all ten tunings for bass, tenor, alto & mezzo soprano chimes.

01/05/01 - Updated L.V. in kitties to use thumbnails & added 1 new pic. also added link to Madame Alto's cat lover site in links.

01/04/01 - Added one new pic and updated Boots in kitties. Kelley is now up as promised :) Added more group kitty pics.

01/03/01 - worked in kitties section. added Kali, Winkie and Snowball. Kelley will be working tomorrow hopefully. I got tired and hungry and have the annual corp. officers meeting in the morning. Boiler pump repair in the afternoon. Guess it'll be tomorrow night for Kelley huh? :)

12/18/00 - added three more articles to the backissues page and added links to herb page for basil, cilantro, rosemary, parsley and thyme.

12/14/00 - finished Music of the spheres tm. alto chimes with all ten tunings.

12/13/00 - added alto chimes to Music of the spheres in the online store windchimes, 2 tunings, more to come :)

12/11/00 - added mezzo soprano chimes (all ten tunings) to music of the spheres in the online store windchimes.

12/05/00 - added another tuning to Music of the spheres bass chimes (quartal) and a pic of the current display of this line at the greenhouses.

12/01/00 - Added first of the Music of the spheres tm. chimes to the online store. Checked all for functioanlity with Netscape 4.6. Test passed. All functions quick and friendly at dialup speeds :)

11/08/00 - added new pic to visit/fall, updated Manny in kitties to use thumbs and added one new pic from the new digital camera :)

11/07/00 - Added a page of humorous quotes to Kitties

11/02/00 - Created new herbs section of site and added 2 new articles. Added new article to backissues on herbs with access from herbs main page.

10/31/00 - updated tommy in kitties to use thumbnails and added 3 new pics, updated music of the spheres chimes main page in the online store. Swept up some dust in the online store:) Updated Marigold in kitties to use thumbs and added one new pic. Updated Sunshine in kitties to use thumbs and added 2 new pics. Added backlinks to this page from the online store and kitties. Tested all changes from IE and Netscape 4.7 for functionality.

10/13/00 - restored? backissues section of site, I honestly can't remeber if I'd put it up after I built it three weeks ago :) Any ways.. it's there now :)

10/12/00 - added poinsettia fun facts & growing tips to poinsettia section

10/11/00 - added poinsettia section to visit/winter, added seasonal door directly to poinsettias from main page


10/02/00 - updated visit/staff, spring & fall, fixed kitties group pics to work right with IE, added this feature to site, updated boots in kitties with thumnails & added 3 new pics