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Many years ago in the 50's & 60's the basic principles of our republic and our founder's vision of a nation where individual rights and freedom were still placed as the core philosophy of the republic. It was taught in the schools so that all the children of America would know why our founders formed our nation as they did. So that tyranny would never reign again over a free people.

Over the course of time a handful of very wealthy and powerful politicians, bankers, and industrialists have eroded that vision to the point where the average citizen doesn't know the difference between rights and privledges, or even what they own and what they lease from the government. You'd be suprised. Most are. This writer was. The deed to your land is little more than a lease from the government. That's why you have to pay taxes to keep it. The title to your car is also a lease from the government which is why you have to pay registration fees to every year to use it. Yes, this is real, not some fantasy. Do a search for allodial title and within ten minutes you'll have an education in real estate ownership that will indeed surpeise you.

I posted this page to show an swf file I recently came across called "liberty for dummies".

It is a superb work by Ken Schooland with flash animation by Lux Lucre and music by Music2Hues.

It's something that every conciensious American, regardless of party, unless you're communist, (no joke), should see.

I put this here becasue this is a crucial time for all that we as Americans hold dear, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are about to allow the federal government to take possesion of our most basic jewel, our life itself.

All in the shrouded cloak of "health care".

As a wise professor once asked of his class on the US constitution, "what are you when somebody else holds title to your body?", One voice came back from the class, "A slave".

Think about it. If you have to pay a tax to live and breathe, are you the owner of your life?

I pledge alligience to the flag of the United states of America,


One nation under GOD, indivisble,