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Here at the shop you can always find knowledgeable gardening advice.

I've always been proud to teach any who are willing to learn, useful gardening information. Which is why there's so much of it here on the site.

My goal is simply to try to make the world a little better, one garden, one gardener, at a time. :)

For many years we provided professional landscape services during the summer and fall seasons.

Now that we have downsized that service is limited to what I have time for.

I've always been a bit of a quality control freak and seldom ever trusted a crew to do an installation for a customer without my direct participation.

I am available for on site garden consultation. Large or small. I've done everything from simple 4'x10' flower beds to retrofitting the landscape of 200,000 square foot commercial property.

Al Funke

Here are a few older pictorial walk throughs of some of our landscape work.