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Easy Gardening

A "How To" guide for the lazy gardener :)

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Here are some pictures of one of our customer's gardens taken in June of 2007 using the Funke's "easy garden" technique.

Locted on Howard St. in Northside

FOOD! It's easy to grow great organic produce with little care :) These tomatoes are in the ground less than a month!  

Another shot of this esay veggie garden showing some delicous rainbow chard :)  

Here's a bed in front of the shed with penstemon & buddleia  

A new bed they cut this spring ammended with "funke dirt" as they call it, then top dressed with pine mini nuggets. That artemesia silver mound looks mighty happy indeed!  

The front of this bed was extended this spring. Note the oxalis "iron cross" planted from bulbs in early april :) Every leaf is a four leaf clover!  

Further up the same bed. That persian shield will grow 5 times that size by mid summer with very little care on the part of these organic gardeners :)  

An innovative and incredibly practical appraoch to a front walk bed :) Squash, fennel, & beans, accented with a few marigolds & zinnias.

Whats for dinner? Squash & fennal & beans! Oh My!


 A closeup of the squash & fennel, purchased as starters from Funke's less than a month before this picture was taken :)  

 A closeup of the beans. hehe..:) Funny story here :) He thought he'd sown pole beans and thus put in really nice feather topped poles fro them to climb. As they bagn to gro he realized they were in fact bush beans :) At least the poles look good :)  

 Looks like somebody's gettin' hungry with all those delcious goodies in the garden! No Freya dear, Harvest isnt' ready yet!  

 The gardeners, Sek & Sue in the background lounging.

No Freya! Dinner's not ready yet! Woof! You sure about that Al?? Yes Frea, I'm sure :)


 The bed below the deck with some mighty happy hostas!  

 Sek, the master of the deck & neighbor Suzy lounging and enjoying the beautiful late spring evening. With the easy gardens in place there's plenty of time to just kick back and enjoy the gardens becasue nature's doing most of the maintainance!  

 What makes all this possible? Happy roots thanks to Funke's organic compost! Every year in a greenhouse range there plants that don't sell for some reason or another.

When life serves lemons, make lemonade :) Or in this case the finest compost that can be had. The picture to the right is the raw stuff in the compost "mine". The picture below is the processed form that we sell.

The picture in the lower right is pure leaf compost that will work just fine in the easy bed soil improvement process.


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