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Finally the variety list is here for Spring 2015!

As of March 12th 2015 this page will shortly house our herb plant list.

Eventually it should become an entire section of the site.

After our downsizing in 2009 the HUGE tomato & pepper selection is an integral part of Funke's claim to fame.

As we have grown into our new niche in the garden market and following our focus of connection to nature, we have expanded our herb selection exponentially. We have repurposed our growing facility into "managed microlcimates" so that we are able to grow just about any species from anywhere on the planet with the exception of sub arctic species that would require intensive energy input to sustain cold tempertures during our zone 6 summers of southern Ohio.

Our selection is always at it's largest during the prime spring planting season for our region of Mid-April to Mid June.

Our mission has always been and continues to be, to teach an understanding of, and reconnection with Nature to an urban/suburban population desperately in need of it, through the sales of garden plants, supplies, and services.

In keeping with that mission we have added not only a broad selection of culinary herbs that is sure to tickle the fancy of any gourmet, but also an extensive selection of plants that have been used in traditional herbal medicinal and spiritual practices of native cultures from around the globe.

Funke's does not offer medical advice in any form or fashion. We simply endeavor to supply a diverse range of useful plants for those interested in their cultivation and preservation. Always seek the consultation of your doctor or treatment specialist before using plants for medicinal purposes. 'nuff said. :)

Those interested in herbal practices will most certainly appreciate the extensive amount of information on our variety signage. It's been described as a "primer in herbology" just walking through our displays reading the signs. :)

"Teach a person to fish and they're fed for life, teach them to garden and they can feed the whole neighborhood!" Al Funke 2009

Until I get everything up and running here on the Funke's herb page here are some fun and useful links to travel further into the multiverse of internet herbal resources.

Herbmed's links page - A broad selection of links to organizations and agencies with herbal information including toxicities and advesre effects.

Plants for a future database - an immense searchable 7000+ plant databse of useful plants

Earthineer - A local blogosphere founded in Northern Kentucky that has grown to a national community of those interested in self reliance and sustainable agriculture. Includes a barter market of garden and farm related items and services.

Plant Resources of Tropical Africa - A searchable and useful information site with scientific research information of tropical African plants.

Free Viewing of the Documnetary "Bought" - A documentary showing the lies, cover ups, and dangers posed by the pharmaceutical lobby, government, and the mainstream healthcare industry.


If you'd like to learn a simple technique where Nature will virtually grow your garden for you check out Easy gardens with Al Funke on our youtube channel at youtube.com/FunkesGreenhouses

Our herb selection pricing ranges from $2.99 & up depending on pot size and length of growing time for the partucular species. As with our other crops our customers have found our prices to be very reasonable as compared with other sources.

In order to keep our prices low we encourage our shoppers to use cold hard cash. Using cash is good for our economy.

We don't pay fees and skymiles, you get better prices on your garden plants, and E-thieves can't hack cash. win/win/win :)

For a black & white printer friendly version of this list click (link placeholder pepperlist)

To Download as an excel file click (link placeholder pepperlist)

If you are coming from a significant distance and want to make sure that we have particular varieties on hand and ready for purchase you can call ahead at 513-541-8170 or drop an email to Bob at lepere@fuse.net .